Post No Bills

If you are like me, and a scant few are, you often wonder
– how does one get a job putting up flyers for concerts and lectures?
– who takes these flyers down once the event is over?

The other morning the latter question was answered, at least in part. I will call this man Flyer Enforcement Squad One. While waiting for a traffic light to change I watched a jogger stop twice, pull down flyers for some event and toss them into a nearby trash can.

This action caused me mixed emotions. I hate litter, graffitti and the like, but I often learn about events that I would not otherwise know about via a posted flyer. And who annointed this man as Flyer Enforcement Squad One? I would guess that he annointed himself, and that bothers me. It’s the eternal struggle between neatness and information.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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