Wanted: A Winch and A Wench

It seems odd that on my 39th birthday it looked like my life had once again steered itself onto a course toward happiness. Now, a mere four months later I’m not so sure. I’ve been extremely lonely, carjacked at gunpoint, placed on another dead project — further adding uncertaintity about my career, and somehow missed the joys of both Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s not like I have nothing in my life. I have a loving mother and brother; an outstanding network of friends; my health (at least to some degree); the financial means to live; the things that people would sacrifice their left foot to obtain. What the fuck has happened? My life has seemed to be stuck in a rut.

Self Deprecating No More! Fuck you and the horse you rode in on! No seriously, let’s do it. Come on, we’ve got time. Recently I have been told by more than one person (some very near-and-dear to my heart) that I degrade myself too often. Thank you, all of you. The message has come in Loud and Clear!

It’s now the final day of November. I vow to enjoy Christmas, celebrate the December birthdays of my friends, and enter into 2005 (in Boston no less) with a reckless attitude toward life. I look foward to turning forty! Sure, the gray hairs (which used to come in brown or occasionally red) in the beard I have been letting grow for the last nine days has shaken a bit of my confidence, but I shall not let that deter me goddammit!

note: This is not supposed to be my Entering 2005 blog entry, that will come later next month. Check back then…..

Tuesday’s Toy
Okay, it’s not really a toy — at least not one for children. It’s the one this BigBoy wants. I have recently been keeping my eye on the latest Danger hiptop2 (aka the Sidekick II when partnered with T-Mobile). It would be a Slam Dunk Purchase if I hadn’t re-upped for a two-year contract with Sprint when my phone was stolen back in August, and I hadn’t seen just how crappy T-Mobile’s service could be when I was in Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago (props to Stacey). Sure all the Hotties currently are carrying Blackberrys, but Snoop Dog has started pimping the Sidekick II so, things will soon change.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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