Mixed Signals

I have written about the “vacation beard” a few times now (and if I had my shit together there would be a picture of me with it here). What’s confusing me is the mixed signals I am getting. I have been asking any woman I know who is willing to give her opinion whether or not I should keep it, and here is what I have heard most.

“It looks really good, however if you are kissing someone it will irritate her.”

Great, now what?!? Shave it off and not be able to attract women, or leave it; attract them; and not be able to kiss them? Both seem like shitty options, especially since I am not exactly sporting a GQ-quality face underneath the beard.

Btw – I am asking for input because I don’t have anyone to kiss, godammit!!! I know that you know this, and that you are most likely not interested in filling the open position — so maybe I’ll just stop asking….

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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