I’m A Winner, Not A Loser!!!

It’s official, I am now a Certified Winner!!!

Last night I was hanging out with my oldest friend, Bill. Sorry, perhaps I should phrase that, the friend who I have known the longest. Anyway, since he has been coming back to Atlanta for business we’ve getting together and lifting a few pints like we did in the old days. Last night’s bar was my personal favorite — my local bar, Gravity Pub. I’ve been frequenting Gravity since I moved to East Atlanta five plus years ago (back in the day when they had La Trappe [warning: that link currently has no english translation, although it used to] on draft). Gravity is the type of bar with which I can identify — local, independently-owned, pretty to look at? well not-so-much.

On Tuesday night Chaz Lounge recreates that American Legion Hall atmosphere by spinning the balls of a bingo cage. Used to be that you would get a bingo card with every drink purchased. Perhaps, the stigma of having a table full of cards forced them to change this policy as we all seemed to play a single card all night long. In the first game I kicked ass! Screaming BINGO for the first time ever, I walked up to claim my prize when I realized that another guy was also walking up to claim victory. Crap! You see in Chaz’s world he wants women to win at the same time, because the tie-breaker is a Hula Hoop contest. Not having hips made for this toy I conceded victory to my opponent much to the distain and ridicule of Chaz. What we also noticed at this time was that my co-winner and I shared the same number layout on our cards, so much for quality control… Being the gentleman I am, I traded mine in for a new one. Dumb move? Nope, as it turns out this was the card that would gain me the Grand Prize of the night, 3-D Jesus Clock along with the Moon Pie given to all of the night’s winners.

I love beer, which has not exactly been a blessing to my waistline. It’s not that I have a drinking problem (says me), but rather I have too many opportunities to drink!
– Sunday football watching
– Monday night team trivia
– Wednesday night running at George’s
– Thursday Survivor dinner party
– Friday happy hour
– Saturday hashing

I am missing an opportunity for Tuesday nights. Ladies, this is your chance to jump in and see if I’d be interested in a date night. I am not an alcoholic. I promise….. (personal references supplied upon request)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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