Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

The sign on Supreme Fish Delight read “Now Serving Breakfast.” Ewwwww. If not for a strong will and and iron-clad stomach I may have lost it all this morning. Maybe the sign affected me greatly because I was driving to work a little hung over from last night’s drinking (on a fairly empty stomach), or perhaps it was because Supreme Fish Delight looks barely passable as a “deeply fried fish” joint and has no business offering breakfast (my favorite meal).

You may be one in a million, but that means in China there are a thousand people just like you
Ever have one of those moments when you meet someone who has the same bizarre theory as yourself? Last night at George’s the discussion of Atlanta, snow, street closings, and the shopping habits of people fearing being “shut in” arose. I have always been amused that when snow is prediced people buy the three most perishable items found in the grocery store — milk, bread, eggs. My retort has always been “I don’t understand why when a little snow falls people have a craving for french toast.” No sooner did my joke (humorous observation?) leave my mouth when someone else at the bar made the same comment. Strange. So much for being very unique (I know, I know, this too is a joke.)

I’m off to do some research on the Pillsbury Dough Boy…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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