Yesterday Day Was A Good Day

Yes, Journey said it best. As a quick aside, one of my biggest fears in high school was dating a girl who liked Journey now it’s dying alone… Fuck it, I’ve got time!

I woke up yesterday knowing that I was taking a day off from work. Can you say ‘playing hooky‘? I knew you could.

My first task yesterday was to buy myself a new suit so that I could look nice for Kevin’s wedding on New Year’s Day. I drove the Jackmobile to my favorite Urban Wear (and I’m not even African-American, DAMN!) / Cheap Clothing establishment K&G Superstore. I got myself a “tight” suit — that’s good right? (I heard another customer refer to his new suit as being “tight” and both he and the salesman looked pleased.) The suit is three-button black with thin pinstripes, currently being altered to fit my physique. Can you say ‘Playa’? I knew you could. In addition to the suit I bought some Bitch Slappin’ black leather gloves and (yet another) pair of pants. For a straight man I own a lot of pants and shoes, but luckily most of them say “Plays for the Ladies Team.” The only thing I didn’t score was a hat. My K&G sells those “Sunday Go To Church” hats that the African- American men wear, but I figured it will be cold in Boston so this type of hat wouldn’t do much good and I don’t need hat hair at a wedding either.

Pleased by the completion of my main chore of the day, it was off to play. I was scheduled to do lunch (sooooo 80’s) at Einstein’s and then head over to the High Museum to take in the current exhibit “Van Gogh to Mondrian”. Issue One — call the exhibit what it really is, not what people want to hear. The subtitle “Modern Art from the Kroeller-Mueller Museum” is a far more accurate description of the exhibit. Issue Two — people, it’s called common courtesy! Don’t hover on my back, and don’t step in front of me while I am looking at the art. I don’t know you, give me some space! I enjoyed the exhibit, but admittedly I don’t “get” abstract art. Tell me it represents a tree, or a stanchion at the water’s edge and all I can say is “You’re kidding, right?” Go see it, it’s art….

I was planning meeting up with my Trees Atlanta friends at Mary’s, East Atlanta’s gay bar (yes, Virginia straight men can go to gay bars) for Maryoke (after Monday’s carolling I was feeling pretty good about my singing talents), last night but promptly fell asleep when I got home from the museum. The phone rang at 8:45pm (which when I awoke I thought it was 8:45am) — only to be a solicitor. When I realized my internal clock was twelve hours off my first reaction was like that of Ebenezer Scrooge‘s when he realized that he had not missed Christmas Day. However, I quickly decided that I was tired, not feeling well, and didn’t need to drink (a must in order for me to sing in public), so I went back to sleep.

Two out of three ain’t bad. (now who the hell sang that? Meatloaf?)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Dear Playa:
    As usual, your blog is full of wit and made me laugh out loud. Being of an age where wisdom prevails, I agree with you about Journey – but, did you really HAVE to mention them out loud? I am bowing my head in shame because I would have been the girl in high school that would have been your biggest fear!!!

    Yet, the comment about dying alone…tsk tsk…we know better than that don’t we? (We are former members of SDOA.) It should only be your biggest fear to die alone if you expired while listening to Journey!

  2. AtlSleestack says:

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  3. Paulie says:

    The above comment was deleted because it included my last name. I would have edited the comment instead of deleting it, but that is not an option on

    It’s not that I am ultra-secretive, but I didn’t list my full name in my profile so I please ask that you refrain from using it in comments.

    Paulie [eatl/ga]

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