2004 – The Good

I am just not content with that last post, so let me start a trilogy today. Over the next three days I want to reflect on 2004’s Good, Bad, and Ugly.

2004 – The Good

Goals – 2004’s theme was “Return To Personal Goals” and here they were

  • Run a half marathon: CHECK — I actually completed two half marathons, Tybee Island in February and Atlanta in November.
  • Ride a bicycle century: CHECK — Back in June I rode the entire Cartersville Century. On top of that I rode in a metric century (a mere 66 miles) in April.
  • Compete in an adventure race, or duathlon: oops — I dropped the ball on this one. Adventure races and I haven’t gotten along very well in past years and the only duathlon I was prepared for was held on Halloween (hello! what were you thinking scheduling it then?)
  • Complete an ultra marathon: oops — even though the half-marathons were completed I really didn’t train for them. This lack of training would have killed me if I tried to run 31 trail miles in September.

Making the list was the best part of this. Even though I only managed 50% I think it still falls into the Good category.

Not only did my group of friends continue to get better, it also got bigger. Another successful Super Bowl party, birthday party, and season of watching Survivor with the dinner group. Good Times, Good Times.

Even factoring in the cold I have been bitching about for the last week, I have been in relatively good health.

Pixies And R.E.M.
Two great concerts, two great venues! The Pixies show was not only held in the Fox Theater, but featured The Thrills as the opening band. REM was held at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

The Beard
Unsolicited praise, especially for my appearance is rare. I am not unattractive, but for some bizarre reason this beard has opened up an opportunity for many people to tell me I look good. I like that!

Tomorrow: The Bad

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