Trivial Knowledge For $200 Please, Alex

Wow, Meet The Hashers kicked ass and took names last night at Johnny’s Pizza in Inman Park. Ending the game a mere eight points from perfection (we actually only lost three points due to our only incorrect answer — the other five points are accounted for in the points we wagered on the final question.) I believe we racked up the highest score ever seen in The Trivia Factory’s history. My contributions last night consisted of helping the table look good, not drinking much beer, and not interrupting the teammates who brought their “A” game last night. Yes, I am the consummate team player.

Slow News Day
Today my coworkers have brought in yet more free cake. BRING IT! I care not, for I have reintroduced ‘discipline’ into my eating vocabulary.

Toy Of The Day
My continual search, slowed momentarily by the Visa bill I received in the mail yesterday, for my next toy continues. The latest playa is the iPaq rx3115. Having given up on bringing all of my life together into a single device (T-Mobile, lower those rates and you’ll have another Sidekick II customer) I am looking into going toward a new PDA which can also do music/video (sorry Palm, I just don’t think you have the lasting power you once did). Of course, no purchase can be made until this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is over so that I know what the next wave of electronic toys will look like.

And This Just In….
My friend Stacey just sent me a link to this article in Sunday’s Boston Herald. The article discusses a temporary Starbucks advertising campaign being used by some of Boston’s cabs.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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