Working For The Weekend

Loverboy. Yes, Loverboy. Unlike Journey, it would have been okay for a high school girlfriend to like Loverboy. In hindsight, I really had a warped sense of reality back then.

Today is the first Friday I have worked since the one prior to Thanksgiving. As I have chronicled it is my ‘tradition’ to take every Friday between Thanksgiving and New Year’s off from work (read the fine prose posted from Joe’s in prior posts). Tradition or not, this first Friday back to work is hard to deal with. I keep wanting to scream “I’m not even supposed to be here today!” (Clerks reference)

Refrigerator Magnet
Today is ‘The Day’ boys and girls! I am finally putting the old refrigerator out to pasture. Armed with gift cards I am swinging over to Sears after work to purchase a new one (to be delivered just in time to keep all of the Super Bowl party food safe from all those nasty things that live in inferior refrigerators). Maybe with my purchase I can help them make enough money to steal that crystal football sponsorship back from ADT.

I’ll See Your Party, And Raise You One
As always seems to be the case I am double booked tonight (my, aren’t I popular). Well, it’s seems to be the case except when I have nothing to do. Gee, maybe those free nights would have been well spent seeing The Incredibles, but I digress.

Tonight I am to attend a birthday party for my good friend, and fellow East Atlantan, Glenn. Happy 39th Glenn! I’ll tell you what it’s like to hit forty when I get there later this year. From there I’ll be heading over to a ‘wine and re-gifting’ party hosted by my good friends and fellow Survivor dinner party hosts. I’ve got a doozy of a re-gift which I shall not divulge just in case anyone else who will be attending the party is checking in today. 😛

Learning, Always Learning…
If I have learned one thing from this blogging exercise it is that I am not the greatest speller. along with a right-click plugin for Firefox have been my saviors (which I spelled correctly, thank you very much). M’ster if you ever read this you’ll understand my troubles playing Scrabble.

Although already packed with activity I am really going to try and start to educate myself again. On what you may ask?

  • html – I feel like this blog template is too limiting
  • – I’ve got pictures to post and a camera phone I want use better

Wish me luck.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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  1. AtlSleestack says:

    I beseech you!! Do not buy a Kenmore!! You will rue the day your warrenty expires!!

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