The Shirt Off My Back

I participate in a lot of activities which give t-shirts away. I’ve been known to do running and biking races, do hashing events, as well as work in the computer industry for the last thirteen years (a computer geek without at least one t-shirt from the DotCom days is not really a computer geek). I must own somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 t-shirts. I’ve never actually counted them, but the stack is tall and quite cumbersome to lift when I am trying to put away clean laundry.

Last night while doing laundry I realized that I was folding a t-shirt that I have owned for ten years! The shirt I was folding was nothing extra-ordinary (unlike the authentic Pat Benatar t-shirt that I acquired at my first concert in 1980); it was a softball t-shirt obtained during my stint at a company called Daugherty Systems.

Hi, My Name Is Paul And I Have A Problem
I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a problem getting rid of the past. I am not a pack rat, although I wish I could have been one of the Rat Pack. There is a theory abound that you should never display pictures in your household. Pictures represent the past, and if you dwell upon the past you will never be able to concentrate on making the future better. I cannot say that I subscribe to this belief, although I believe it has some merit.

T-shirts are just one example of my problem. I can’t seem to put the Palm III that I have owned for a good six years out to pasture. My PDA is a dinosaur in the world of electronics; it can’t do most of today’s cool tasks, but in its limited way it serves my needs. I seem to have a loyalty to it, the same way I have a loyalty to people who have treated me well.

So, What Did I Learn This Weekend?
If you read this space on Friday you’ll remember my grand plans

  • buy refrigerator
  • read up on html
  • understand how to use

Well, I was 0 for 3. Ooops. Actually what I learned this weekend is that I currently need a lot of social interaction and sleep. Much hashing, drinking and sleeping were the orders of the day. Who can blame me when it is sunny and 68 degrees in January? Oh well, there is always next weekend…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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