This Will Hurt Only For A Little While

I used to be fat — like obese. On a good day I stand 5’9″ tall (stop laughing, that is the average height for an American male). A little more than ten years ago I weighed 245lbs (that was a size 42 waistline for those of you keeping score at home). As I have been documenting on Mondays, I currently weigh 195lbs and I am trying to get back to my “fightin'” weight of 178lbs, which is what I weighed about five years ago.

My biggest fear has always been an injury that would necessitate rest. Right now my right knee’s IT band is bugging me, I am displeased. If you look down at the bottom of the sidebar you’ll see my Tour de Force agenda for this spring under the heading “Stupid Paulie Tricks.” I enjoy doing events, especially if they will help me lose weight. I must because the last thing I need is another t-shirt.

Kirsty Ally I Hate You, Kirsty Ally I Love You
Tuesday night I was content to take a night off from exercising, sit my ass on the couch, and just watch tv. Then she popped up onto my screen in a Jenny Craig commercial — Kirsty, Jenny; Jenny, Kirsty. I have never liked Kirsty Ally (she’s not my type) and was horrified when I saw pictures of how much she had “grown” over the last few years. I immediately headed down to the basement and did an hour on my bike. Thanks Kirsty, keep those commercials coming!

Goodbye Hockey, Hello Lance
At least one sports star has his head on straight. With the cancellation of this year’s hockey season I am glad to hear that Lance Armstrong will be riding both the Tour de Georgia and the Tour de France this year. Cycling may be a niche sport in this country, but I’ll be watching.

Hey, Is Someone At The Onion Goofing On Me?
My name is not David Buntrock, but this sounds eerily familiar…

New Girlfriend Bears Disturbing Resemblance To Old Girlfriend
ATLANTA—Friends of David Buntrock told reporters Monday that his new girlfriend Katie Wickstrom looks unsettlingly similar to his former girlfriend Tonya Gill. “When I first saw them together I thought, ‘Wow, did David and Tonya work things out?'” friend Angie Lisota said, explaining that both Wickstrom and Gill are petite, with cropped brown hair, big eyes, and a penchant for dressing like ballet dancers. “Even her voice sounds a little nasally, like Tonya’s.” According to Buntrock, Wickstrom “actually looks more like Audrey Hepburn.”

I wonder what Tonya Gill is doing these days…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – unhappy because my knee hurts
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Flaming Lips – “She Don’t Use Jelly”
Current Read – nothing currently (but tonight I plan to read my Cargo magazine)

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2 Responses to This Will Hurt Only For A Little While

  1. Paulie…do you realize that is the equivalent to a 6 year old? Weightily speaking. You should be very proud of that accomplishment!

    However, can I slap that bitch? What a hypocrite she is! First she spouts about being large and loving it, then she criticizes women that are overweight! A good bitch slap would do her good! If you need her for motivation then more power to you Paulie. I would just as soon hit her square in the mouth. **kicks soapbox aside**

    I am sorry your knee hurts. No wild bathroom encounters for you mister!

    Just wondering if the 911 call you suggested might be eventually listed under “Stupid Paulie Tricks”. Let me know when the tickets go on sale…

    As for the familiarity of your girlfriends Ezekiel…maybe you should drive your horse and buggy OTP! Just a suggestion 😉

  2. Paulie says:

    I have always been proud of this accomplishment, although it’s one that I make sure that I can never repeat. 🙂

    Most of the time a picture of me at 245 is the only motivation I need. The other night she provided a little extra incentive.

    Yeah, there goes my “what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom weekend”. 🙂

    When I feel confident enough to attempt, you’ll be first on the email list. 😛

    OTP? BLASPHEMY! The Onion article is doubly-funny since I have both been accused of dating a “type” (true) and that “type” is short hair and slender (also true). I’m not married to this (har har), but I have my limitations.

    Peace be with you,

    btw, AG – these non-electric computers are really hard to use.

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