Hello, Hello Again…

I figured yesterday’s readership would be as low as a non-national election turnout, so I tried something different. Based on the lack of comments yesterday I’ll assume that my foray into humor went unread, was not funny, or both. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

But It Was A Good Weekend…
Yesterday’s title was an (unsuccessful) attempt to sucker you all in. Hmmm, must revise that strategy for next time.

Ah, the rest of my weekend is now stale news, so I’ll just skip it.

Al Michaels Is Sixty?
WTF!!! Meet The Hashers went down in a blaze of glory last night at Taco Mac. I never would have guessed that Al Michaels is sixty years old. Wow.

While I have grown accustom to losing, the fact that two teams taunted us like we were the New York Yankees disturbed me. It’s a game people….

Tuesday’s Toy Of The Day (Sometimes Technology Moves Too Fast)
In a long dark tunnel somewhere under Corporate Square my friend Dr. Doo-Doo took out a little waterproof camera and snapped some awesome pictures. That camera, the Sony CyberShot DSC-U60 was to be my toy of the day, until I found out that it is no longer produced. Electronics (and sneakers) go out of production so quickly these days that the moment I find something I like it is no longer available. Bummer. Does anyone know of a service that will provide you with updated information? For example, if I was looking for “A”, it would tell me that “B” was the replacement for “A”, and therefore I should be just as happy to own “B”.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – in the dumps, I should have stayed on the couch
Current Music – Massive Attack’s “100th Window” CD
Current Read – nothing currently

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Hello, Hello Again…

  1. Okay, my bad. I went back and read yesterday’s post again. Pretty witty Paulie. Yet, still, very Onionish 😉

    You ARE in the dumps dear! But tell your favorite reader about your weekend. I would love to hear if you took my advice.

    **crickets chirping**

  2. Paulie says:

    Nah, perhaps the only thing I do worse than breaking my comfort zones is dance. If I had the skills necessary to go out and pick up women I wouldn’t be at the station in life I am currently at.

    Besides, with the exceptions of days like today and certain circumstances I find myself in, I *like* my comfort zones and feel no need to break free of them.

    The weekend was really rather bland filled with running and beer — mostly in that order.

    Yesterday’s post was my blomage to The Onion. The fact that it read somewhat like The Onion was a success to me.

  3. You danced!!! Awesome Paulie! Hey, comfort zones can be good…until you let them hold you back from experiencing new things. Trust me, I know!

    A true Hasher 🙂

    I knew you would appreciate the comparison…job well done!!

    But get thee out of the dumps!

  4. Paulie says:

    Oops, I mislead you. Friday night was spent at home alone with the tv. Saturday was spent hashing (I was the leader of one of the hashes). Sunday was a morning run, followed by a long power nap, followed by beer and tv.

    When the time is right the dumps will be exited. It’s all a process…

  5. You did mislead me…you hashed Paulie style 🙂

    Process, smocess…get out of the dumps! The sun is out…you were aching for it all last week!

    Besides…I’m in a good mood today. I’ll eventually rub off on you.

  6. Paulie says:

    I look forward to reading your blog later. You are going to post today, aren’t you?

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