New Week, Same Story

Boring details of a misspent weekend…

Hmm, this was certainly not the way to start the new week. After successfully dropping my car off for maintenance and then making it into work early, I accidently pulled the power cord on my pc, corrupting my browser, therefore losing all of my profile information (bookmarks, extensions, etc). Must think positive thoughts. Must think positive thoughts…

From The “I Should Have Known Better” File
Last Friday night I did something I hadn’t done in six years — go hashing on a Friday night. Eventhough I knew I was having a shitty week it was March 11th, also known as Founder’s Day for the Black Sheep Hash. How could I pass that up?

Mid-way through the hash Speedy McSpeed-A-Lot, decided to kick his running up a notch in order to catch up to the people ahead of him. Failing to see the rut in the mud created by a truck, I proceeded to roll the shit out my right ankle. After a minute or two of cursing every Power in the Universe at the top of my lungs, I managed to hobble in to the end. There wasn’t enough beer in the Zuma (no, not Zima) brewery to heal my hurting.

From The “Fool Me Once – Shame On Me, Fool Me Twice – Won’t Get Fooled Again” File
So what does one do when one can’t run a hash and the weather is perfect? Bimbo the hash, of course! What little common sense I possess convinced me not to further damage my swollen ankle by running on Saturday. But, having no ‘Plan B’ (‘Plan A’ was to go hashing) and no “SO” to spend the day with, I decided to spend the beautiful day at the hash. Green (Budweiser) beer, yuck.

Did Someone Mention Common Sense?
Sunday’s weather was even better than Saturday’s! Our Sunday Morning Running (and eating) group was meeting a mere mile-and-a-half from my house. How convenient! Oh yeah, the ankle still hurt. Well, again having no ‘Plan B’ I decided to ride my bike to the group so that my fat ass would get a little bit of exercise. I guess also packing my running shoes was a bad idea. That competitive streak which caused the injury in the first place reared its ugly head and convinced me that five miles around the neighborhood could do not harm. Did I ever say that I was smart? I think not!

The ATL made World News last Friday when some asshole decided to take the law into his own hands. He killed four people, ruined the lives of their families, and interrupted the lives of thousands more. This ‘man’ was captured when he surrendered to authorities. I believe in the concepts which founded this country “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” and “A Fair Trial By One’s Peers”, however even this bleeding heart Democrat/Liberal thinks that this man deserves no time in jail. If we know he is responsible for what transpired, then he should he should be held responsible for his actions. Capital Punishment may not irradicate violent crime, but if it can stop more incidents such as this, then it needs to be used.

*** stepping down from soapbox ***

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
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