The Weak That Was

Home Boy
I did exactly what I said I would last night — stayed at home. It was me, a bottle of Sweetwater 420, and Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus on my PS2.

The only downside of my keeping my indoor voice all night was that I knew that I had two tickets to a concert that could have been kind of fun — VHS or Beta, and Ambulance Ltd. at The EARL. However, given the events that transpired this week, Captain Optimist (did you read that I had two tickets?) decided it best to stay home. At least I saved some money, right?

Return Of The Inner Nerd
Having once again sworn off women (second only to swearing off beer), I have decided to unlease my inner nerd again. Today I am going to start scouring the Internet for ideas on building a small pc (think Mac Mini size) to use in my Grand Unification of Media Distribution Theory in my house. *slides glasses back up nose* It might confuse many of you, especially the non-techies, but this shit makes me happy and has been a good way to pay the bills over the last fourteen years.

That’s Incredible
Yippee! The Incredibles dvd comes out next week! Any of you who have been here since November know that I always wanted to see it in the theaters, but never did. Assuming my pre-ordered copy comes with the swift delivery promised back in January, I should have the dvd in hand next week. Warm up the projector baby, this one needs to be seen on the big screen!!!

Websites Of Distinction
When you’ve got time and a wireless internet connection, why not surf to your heart’s content for content?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – [this space for rent]
Current Music – Chris Isaak’s “Forever Blue” (read nothing into this, it’s a great cd!)
Current Read – should I remove this? 🙂

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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