Taxing My Wallet And My Brain

April 15th’s A Comin’
I swear this routine of doing my taxes gets more troublesome each year. Just imagine if I did real financial shit like buy/sell stocks, own rental property, or something along those lines! Gone are the days went I can crap on a 1040-EZ and laugh at the gubment. Tonight’s Task du Jour is to park my ass in front of the pc, pray that I have collected all documentation in one folder (something that was commonplace when I was truly OCD-Paulie) and fight the good fight. Hell, I think that if I get some cash back it might be time to spring for a pre-mid-life-crisis toy.

What’s The Deal With Gmail?
Since Gmail introduced their “Infinity + 1” storage system I have seen my brower spin its wheels like a car trying to go up a muddy hill. Let’s go boys (and girls), if you are going to be Numero Uno, you need to get you duckies in a row!

Play Ball!
I am a child of the final “Baseball Generation” (at least in my view). My impressionable youth ended just as major league baseball players started became Million Dollar Assholes. Even with the disgust I have toward today’s overpaid .257 hitting middle infielder, I want to love the game again. Hope springs eternal, so far my Mets have only blown one save, and all that sort of shit. Last night I wanted nothing more than to turn on the tellie and listen to a game (baseball is a game which can be heard and/or seen, football is a game which must be seen) whilst I pecked away at Mr. Gore’s Wild Internet. Alas, Major League Baseball saw fit to have no night games last night. Sure, I know that the NCAA’s Men’s Basketball Championship game was on, but I am not a bball fan and baseball is America’s Pastime, give us an alternative!

Drop It Like It’s Hot
It’s not a great day for US cd releases, unless of course you’ve been Jonesin’ for another Lisa Marie Presley cd. I’ll avoid her offering, which includes a terrible cover of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”, and pick The Crystal Method’s “Community Service II” as my CD Release Of The Day. While I don’t have any of the gay in me, I can appreciate the Method’s music for what its worth.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – completely confused
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Bright Eyes — “Another Traveling Song”
Website Of The Day – My friend Dejie is a singer and now she’s got a website.

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