Buggy Monday

This Big Orange Thing In The Sky
That’s the sun, right? After getting rained on Friday night at the Braves game and drenched while hashing yesterday, I’m here to say welcome back sunshine. I missed you.

Let me guess, it never rained on Music Midtown, right? Yeah, sure it didn’t.

What Is The Purpose Of The Fire Ant?
Yesterday’s hash had us slogging through the swamps of Snellville, Georgia (where I hear that everyone is someone). One of the last thoughts on my mind when I was in the middle of the swamps was “Look out for fire ants.” Why should I? I was in the middle of a fucking swamp, how were they going to get there? With about ten bothersome ant bites on my hands I wish that thought had crossed my mind.

By the way, if you find youself in the middle of a Georgia swamp, they are most likely to be found on downed trees.

Anyone have a good ant bite remedy?

The Million Millipede March
Over the last week I have seen a parade of bugs (centipede, millipede, somethinpede) along the curb where I park my car at work. I only see this in the morning, however. When I go out to my car to go home there is nary a pede in sight — not even a dead one. What gives?

Shuffle != Random
This much I know. On occasion I drop my iPod into Shuffle mode so that I can have continuous playback. I am really shocked at how non-random the playback is. While I rarely hear the same song (I have 4200+ loaded), I often hear the same artists more than once in a given session.

The programmer in me would love to take a look at their code. Open Source, Apple? Please?

Can You Yahoo?
I am starting to feel the frustrations with Yahoo’s email that I felt with Hotmail. I realize that I pay absolutely nothing for their services, but not being able to get to my email is (assumably) a lot like not being able to score crack when a fix is needed.

I dare say that I’d pay Yahoo an annual fee for guaranteed service. I probably wouldn’t pay that much, however.

Happy Birthday!
My friend Mike has a birthday today. I have no clue how old Mike is, but I do know that he is old enough to appreciate the music stylings of Camper Van Beethoven. Mike, if you read this don’t forget to ask for your free birthday beer before we get to see CVB and Modest Mouse.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – bitten and bothered it
Current Music – iPod on Shuffle
Website Of The Day – USA Today article which answers the question “Do Snakes Have Legs?”

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Buggy Monday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why not use gmail?

  2. Paulie says:

    I have many gmail accountas as well, but Yahoo is currently the only service that I can get via computer, phone, or iPaq.

  3. Anonymous says:

    not knowing some vital stats, I’ll make some assumptions:

    4200 songs
    ~2 albums/artist * ~10 songs/album = 20 songs/artist

    avg listening session: 45 minutes
    ~4 min/song gives about 11 songs/session

    Find prob of hearing same artist twice in a session: sampling without replacement (we assume shuffle does eliminates songs from further consideration as it plays them):

    1 – (probability of no 2 songs within the 11 being from the same artist)

    Find probability of no 2 songs within the 11 being from the same artist:

    1st song: artist 1
    2nd song: any of (4200 – 20) songs not by same artist out of 4199 songs left to choose from = 4180/4199
    3rd song: (4200 – 20*2)/4198

    combined probability that no songs from same album are picked after listening to 11 songs =
    (4180/4199)*(4160/4198)* … *(4000/4190) = .776

    So the probability that you will hear the same artist twice out of 11 songs = 1 – .776 = .224 (22.4%) or about 1 out of 4 listening sessions.

  4. Paulie says:

    wow *bowing at your proof*

    Now answer me this, if a train leaves Seattle headed East…..

    statistical analysis much appreciated.

  5. Anonymous says:

    0.00452488687782804 after 2 songs
    0.0135358574110921 after 3 songs
    0.0269331545584754 after 4 songs
    0.0445578162013629 after 5 songs
    0.0661947667283881 after 6 songs
    0.0915771693495049 after 7 songs
    0.120391916899354 after 8 songs
    0.152286103118652 after 9 songs
    0.186874286455972 after 10 songs
    0.223746335518828 after 11 songs
    0.262475630309128 after 12 songs
    0.30262738682525 after 13 songs
    0.343766874633743 after 14 songs
    0.385467307349325 after 15 songs
    0.42731720398145 after 16 songs
    0.46892704384513 after 17 songs
    0.509935067951758 after 18 songs
    0.550012114044656 after 19 songs
    0.588865409148669 after 20 songs
    0.626241281044244 after 21 songs
    0.661926786874191 after 22 songs
    0.695750291681895 after 23 songs
    0.727581060782927 after 24 songs
    0.757327956444562 after 25 songs
    0.784937350621528 after 26 songs
    0.810390380998376 after 27 songs
    0.833699687144514 after 28 songs
    0.854905767307294 after 29 songs
    0.874073094618174 after 30 songs
    0.891286124850222 after 31 songs
    0.906645317093739 after 32 songs
    0.920263274676994 after 33 songs
    0.932261097277791 after 34 songs
    0.94276501738306 after 35 songs
    0.951903375952151 after 36 songs
    0.959803974138685 after 37 songs
    0.96659182092718 after 38 songs
    0.972387281112326 after 39 songs
    0.97730461461287 after 40 songs
    0.981450886943211 after 41 songs
    0.984925221896623 after 42 songs
    0.987818361128584 after 43 songs
    0.990212491260397 after 44 songs
    0.992181297157006 after 45 songs
    0.993790199908092 after 46 songs
    0.995096739455595 after 47 songs
    0.996151064441425 after 48 songs
    0.996996495373367 after 49 songs
    0.997670131318294 after 50 songs
    0.998203474751456 after 51 songs
    0.998623053677905 after 52 songs
    0.998951024499079 after 53 songs
    0.99920574317027 after 54 songs
    0.99940229587343 after 55 songs
    0.999552983644785 after 56 songs
    0.999667758114367 after 57 songs
    0.999754607731104 after 58 songs
    0.999819895582462 after 59 songs
    0.999868651209619 after 60 songs
    0.999904819717116 after 61 songs
    0.999931472036 after 62 songs
    0.999950980480077 after 63 songs

  6. Gentri says:

    Hmmm, who do we know who knows stats well……. cough**CDC**cough.

    Don’t forget to remove the “Thriller” album soon, don’t want too many convicts wailing away in your ears… at least now we know what the hell he was singing about!

  7. LetsGetCrunk says:

    thanks Paulie for the b-day wishes and the beer. I enjoyed the hell out of the show, although we didn’t get hear the best that CVB has to offer. MM was spirited and wacky, as expected.

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