I’m Apathetic And I Really Don’t Care

What’s Up Doc?
Still no doctor. Many thanks to you who passed me suggestions. I’m working on the details today.

Blame Canada
Today is Canada Day, of course only in Canada. I was all set to go to last night’s Canada Day Hash (we’re not officially bound to any calendar) until apathy set in. The hash was to be set not more than one block from my first Atlanta apartment in *gasp* Sandy Springs *gasp*. Yes, you read that right, I once lived outside the perimeter. *hiding face in shame* I lived up there prior to discovering hashing and wanted to see what I had missed when I ran the area back then.

When I first moved to Atlanta from Huntsville, Alabama in 1995 all the world was my stage. I was a mere twenty-nine years old, in fantastic shape (after shedding 75 pounds), had moved to a city which touted having more women than men and was a year away from hosting the Olympics, and moved into an apartment complex (then known as Spring Creek Crossing) with swimming pools, racquetball courts, and tennis courts filled with attractive girls.

Wow, do I have a different perspective now…

The thought of driving up to Sandy Springs, fighting traffic, running a hash in brutal heat, drinking (ok this part seemed doable), then driving all the way home to East Atlanta sucked the wind completely out of my sails.

I rationalized my decision by deciding that I should run a few errands and treat myself to a delicious dinner. The only problem with apathy is that nothing sounds delicious when I am feeling that way.

The Days Of Rice And Beans
At home with a fairly barren cupboard, refrigerator filled with condiments and beer (brands) that I refuse to drink, and a few frozen hamburger patties in the freezer, the thought of eating at home seemed even less appealing than going back out. Unfortunately, by the time I had gotten home it was nearly 8pm and, not wanting to kill any potential for productivity, I decided to suck it up and eat like I did in the old days.

Rice meet canned baked beans, canned baked beans meet rice. I have to admit, I enjoyed the hell out of that meal.

special note to co-workers: I apologize to you in advance, sorry.

If That One Is Sleater And That One Is Kinney, Who’s The Third One?
After years of being out of the Sleater-Kinney loop I will finally be seeing them tonight at the Variety Playhouse. I think it will be a great show, FAB you are missing out!

And This Just In…
On my ill-fated run Wednesday night I saw that A Fir-Ju Well is playing a show at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur. This should be interesting because the venue is a real poor fit for the band (imho). If you remember my review from their show with British Sea Power at The EARL, these guys rocked very loudly and were like a Chinese Fire Drill on stage. When I think of Eddie’s Attic I think “acoustic” and “small stage”; I look forward to seeing how adaptable these guys can be.

Tour de Lance
Go get number seven, Lance! For those of you not into cycling, the Tour de France starts on July 2nd. Venga! Venga! Venga!

Happy Birthday!
I know that I am a few days early, but Happy Birthday America! For 229 you don’t look all that bad, but you should see a doctor about all that tree loss and pollution running through your rivers and streams. I mailed your birthday money to you back on April 15th, I hope that you received the check by now.

This is another weekend where I ask you, the reader, to be very careful so that you can return to this space on Tuesday. Not only will we all be dealing with the prospect of drunken drivers, but we need to watch out for the assholes with fireworks. Heed my advice, if you hear anyone yell “Hey man, watch this!”, run like fucking hell!

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – I’m ready for a birthday party, American Style!!!
Current Music – Sleater-Kinney’s cd “The Woods”
Website Of The Day – More than just a bike rider, check out Lance Armstrong’s Foundation, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. I’m beginning to suspect that there’s some sort of conspiracy that brings all the best shows to Atlanta when I am out of town. I missed at least three bands I had been dying to see when I took off for a mere 4 days in March, and let’s not even get me started about Christmas break. I guess I will just have to keep consoling myself with my iPod until the battery finally buys the farm.

  2. Paulie says:

    Fear not, one of the things I love about being in Atlanta (especially near The EARL) is that opportunity presents itself constantly.

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