Friday, Friday, It Seems Like Monday Is Far Away

Mr. Meteorologist I Am Not
I was certain that Cindy’s overcast clouds would continue into the early evening, so why ride? Hmmm, my assumption was so wrong that I think that I am Weather Channel material.

Guess Who May Not Be A MetroBlogger Afterall?
I have been waiting for notification that my MetroBlogging account has been created. I have already contacted the person in charge and was told that it would take a few more days — that was on June 30th. I can be patient, but I am admittedly anxious.

The Bad News Will Continue Until Morale Improves
My office moves in a week…. to Hell, aka “Perimeter Mall”, aka “Outside The Perimeter”. As if this move wasn’t bad enough, yesterday we were handed a sheet of paper which outlined Satan’s newest project — “Perimeter Center Parkway and I-285 Overpass Construction in DeKalb County”. Let me give you some highlights of the handout

  • During the construction, Perimeter Center Parkway will be re-routed. (our new office is on Perimeter Center Parkway)
  • New bridge support installation work will require some lane closures on I-285. This work is scheduled to being in early fall of 2005
  • Traffic delays are to be expected
  • The project is scheduled for completion in late 2007. (Holy Fucking Shit!!!)

Hell I say!

Oooh Wee Oooh I Look Just Like Lance Armstrong
Okay, maybe not. However, I did motivate myself to ride my mountain bike into work today. Sadly, this will be the last Friday that I can ride to this office.

If You Are An Alternative Hipster, Tonight’s Your Night
Dinosaur Jr. rocks the Variety Playhouse tonight. Trouble is, the show is sold out!

I first saw Jay Mascis and DJr at Lollapalooza in New Orleans in the early 1990’s. Of the artists on stage that day they were the worst. The crowd was so bored that we started throwing black and white beer cups. The scene overhead was like a swarm of black and white locusts. I will never forget that scene.

Not being one to hold a grudge forever, I was willing to give Dinosaur Jr. another chance — but I was too late to but tickets, so I will be missing out on this show. No tickee, no showee.

What Is The Point Of Ebay These Days?
Occassionally I go to EBay to try and buy things. However, I never seem to find bargains, in fact many of the things up for auction cost more on EBay than at other online stores. What gives?

While I am on the subject of online buying, there is something about Craig’s List that bothers me. Sometimes the prices are too cheap. I’m might not be above buying “hot” merchandise (I would have bought my stolen camera back in a heartbeat), but I just don’t want to be scammed. Am I overreacting on this?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – three tasks down, hoping to schedule the rest today
Current Music – none, my TV is on OLN to watch the Tour de France
Website Of The Day – Get your geek on with these — Yummy! (tagged documents) and the Download Squad (computer software blog).

Off to read other blogs….

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