Herro Kitty

I know what you are thinking after reading Andisheh Nouree’s article in this week’s Creative Loafing (thanks Betsy for the head’s up — how is Reese?) “Oh no, Paulie likes Hello Kitty? He must have gotten The Gay”. Fear not my friends, for I have not.

Hello Kitty makes me laugh! And when I see Hello Kitty I think of two of my favorite things

  • Women – I know many beautiful women who adore Hello Kitty.
  • Money – Think about the number of items which have Hello Kitty on them. Hell, I’ve even heard that there is a “female personal massager” that bears Kitty’s image.

I am not the only one intrigued by Hello Kitty’s success, even NPR featured an article about Hello Kitty. Wonder why Hello Kitty has no mouth? Check out this website.

(btw – if you need to know about the fannypack reference check out Maigh’s blog archives from last week.)

Things I Have Already Learned Today
It’s not even 8:30am, and I have already learned the following

  • Even if you are listening to my favorite song, please turn your volume down on the train.
  • Never, ever sing on Marta, not even in the stations.
  • My new coffee maker at work is not great and easily overflows. Luckily we purchased butt-ugly dark carpet so you can’t see the spillage. I guess I will invest in a spill tray for the future.
  • My antiperspirant is not.

Perimeter Mall’s Food Court Does Not Thrill Me
I needed to make a mall run for lunch yesterday, so that dictated a food court lunch. After giving up waiting for chinese I landed at a “wrap joint”. The gyro was fine, but on the whole I’ll be passing on Perimeter Mall’s food court.

Vegas Baby!
I’ll be packing new iBook and camera on the trip, so if I can find WiFi (hmm, I should us the website I pimped the other day) I’ll be posting “on schedule” tomorrow. Keep in mind that Vegas is three hours behind Atlanta, so if you are an early morning reader, check in the afternoon. The best things that happen in Vegas will stay in Vegas, but I see no reason not to share some of the fun.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – Oh no, my last day in my 30’s!!!!!
Current Music – None, I’m on OLN for the Tour (you should know which one by now)
Website Of The Day – You should have seen this one coming…. Sanrio.

Off to read other blogs….

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to Herro Kitty

  1. Maigh says:

    Yo homey I have a pal that wants to buy a mac, despite my advice. What words of wisedom have you for her based on your new baby?

  2. Martha says:

    Have a great time in Vegas, I’ll miss you in a red dress, but hey it is Vegas you might just end up in one anyway. Try not to catch on fire while out in the desert
    “Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, high temperatures dipped below the 115-degree mark Wednesday for the first time in five days. Authorities were investigating six deaths since July 14 to see if they were heat-related.”

  3. Paulie says:

    Maigh, I bought the 12″ iBook because it was the cheapest (and lightest) available. So far I like it a lot (I just added another 512MB of memory). I just got tired of lugging around my heavy HP laptop. Remember that my goal is to use it for web surfing, music listening/iPod transferring, dvd watching on trips, and the like.

    Martha, I’ve been looking at the temps out in Vegas. I think that the people who have died didn’t drink enough, and we all know that I always drink plenty (perhaps too much). 🙂 Have fun at Red Dress, I look forward to seeing the pics.

  4. Stae says:

    okay, I know you warned us you wouldn’t be writing until “later” our time…but, shoot, get your butt up and entertain us east coasters, will ya? It’s hard to start my day without a little Paulie blog.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s up with this no posting? You’re acting like it’s your birthday or something! Hope you’re having a great one!


  6. katlanta says:

    J-list used to stock the Hello Kitty vibrator, but they warned that the quanitites were limited, and now they have no more. However, you can still purchase Hello Kitty sake sets and ear wax scrapers.

  7. hollismb says:

    Yup, you definitely took the brunt of the writeup in Creative Loafing. Elaborating on those posts here was a wise choice indeed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    well, if this was the hash, i’d sing you the hash version of ‘happy birthday’. but since it ain’t, i’ll just say “Happy 40th, you old sh*t” 🙂

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