Rapid(?) Transit

We’ll See How ‘Smarta’ Marta Really Is
I’ve only been to this office twice and the drive home on each day was brutal, over an hour on each day. Yuck!

Today, I did the Urban Commuter thing and rode Marta into work. Right now I am even more happy that I did so since I just heard that all lanes of I285 on the North side will be closed “briefly” while some blasting for the dreaded Perimeter Center Parkway overpass project occurs.

6:53a – leave driveway
7:00a – arrive at Candler Park Marta station, miss first train but luckily second arrives soon
7:16a – arrive at Five Points Marta station for transfer, North Springs train
7:43a – arrive at Dunwoody Marta station
7:53a – sit at desk

This took longer than I hoped, but I am sure that I will be rewarded on my trip home.

I Say 40 Ounces, You Say…
Peanut Butter?

That’s right. I am currently eating my breakfast straight out the jar. The label on the 40 ounce jar of Jif says that it is best when purchased by June 29, 2007. I think that I might be done with it around that time.

On a slight tanget, shouldn’t Jif change its tag line of “Choosy moms choose Jif” to read “Choosy parents choose Jif” since in this day and age dads are likely to be buying the food at the grocery store?

The Patio, Pizza, Salad, Beer
Back in January I made a trip to The Patio in Inman Park. All you can eat pizza and salad for $10, and $2 pints of Sweetwater 420. Good times, good times.

Last night I returned. I am glad to say that the pizza and salad offer still exists (and is quite good I might add), but sadly the beer selection has changed dramatically. The only beer on draft (or is that draught) was Pabst Blue Ribbon, and the selection of bottled beer was less than desirable for my taste buds. The only beer that sounded good to me was one of my old standbys Whitbread Ale. But $6 a bottle!?! That seems more than a bit steep to me.

I had picked the Win/Place/Show for this year’s Tour de France to be

  • Lance Armstrong (Discovery)
  • Ivan Basso (CSC)
  • Andres Kloden (T-Mobile)

Kloden abandoned due to a broken wrist (pussy).

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – I can almost smell Vegas!
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio via Dish Network, Channel 6026 playing The Faint — “Agenda Suicide”
Website Of The Day – I love random shit, I am sure that That Was Random will occupy my time.

Off to read other blogs….

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Rapid(?) Transit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep an eye open for me on that train… when I get the 07:00 at Avondale, I normally get into 5 points at 7:13 and walk right onto a North Springs train. It beats the hell out of driving in the afternoon.

    Mr. Pipes.

  2. Paulie says:

    Will keep my eyes open for you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve spent the day learning random facts. I appreciate that; my employer, not so much! Cool site.


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