Paybacks Are Hell

I must learn not to turn the alarm off and go back to sleep.

He Is Risen
Last night more of my friends (have I ever mentioned how popular I am?) decided to combine our monthy dinner gathering with a surprise birthday party for me. Bastards! 😛

One of the gifts presented unto me was something I figured I’d never see again — The Jesus Clock. For those of you who have moved Inside The Perimeter since last Christmas, The Jesus Clock was won by yours truly as the “Grand Prize” one night at Gravity Pub Bingo. Being the giver that I am, I donated the Jesus Clock as a present at a White Elephant Christmas party thrown my friends Stacy and Phil (bloggers over in that LiveJournal world). When opened there was much rejoicing and I figured that my kindness would certainly never be returned — literally. Last night I found out how wrong I can be.

Some of the group also donned red dresses since I had to miss this year’s hash Red Dress Run due to my Vegas trip. Nice touch kids.

A Place To Lay My Head
I’ve booked travel to the Big Apple, got my second-row seat for Glenngary Glen Ross, but have yet to figure out where the hell I am going to stay in New York. In case you didn’t know, hotel rooms in New York ain’t cheap. A “decent” hotel will at least triple or quadruple the cost of my trip. The time draws near, I better figure this shit out soon. Any suggestions? I know, “Stop being so fucking cheap!” LOL

Oh For The Love Of Air Conditioning
There is nothing like rushing up to the Marta platform in order to catch the train, sit down, and then start to sweat profusely. There may have been air conditioning in the train yesterday, but my body certainly didn’t feel it for the first ten minutes of my commute home. A drive home yesterday may have taken me ninety minutes, but at least it would have been ninety minutes in a climate-controlled environment.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – busy body, but only at work until noon
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Hives — “Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones”
Website Of The Day – Can you tell the difference between a serial programmer and a serial killer? Take The Quiz.

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7 Responses to Paybacks Are Hell

  1. why don’t you just welcome jesus into your heart?? jesus.
    i believe the sarajevo hash red dress run is this very day. hark! though since i neither run nor own a red dress, i will not be participating. naturally.

  2. Paulie says:

    If you can accidently run into the Red Dress Run it can be funny people-watching

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have stayed at both the Washington Jefferson Hotel ( and the Marriott Courtyard near Times Square ( Both are easy walks from the theatre district. I preferred the Washington Jefferson. But the rooms were small and spendy. Go large and stay at the W…


  4. shoobie says:

    just to make sure i understand correctly, your male buddies opted to wear red dresses twice in one week just to show their love for you?

    man the 60s and 70s must have been crazy.

  5. I GOT IT! I KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS “HOUSING DILEMMA” YOU’VE FOUND YOURSELF IN!!! We can go together! And split the bill! Two can do anything better than 1!

    Yippee! NEW YORK OR BUST!!

    oh what will i wear?? **runs to closet, pulls out red dress**

  6. Oliver says:

    Just went to NYC two weeks ago and booked the hotel on Hotwire. I did the four star hotel in the middle of Manhattan (I want to say east midtown region) for $240 a night and they put us up at the Omni Berkshire Place. Great rooms. Great service. Free limo to the financial district during the week. 5 minutes to walk to the Broadway show we saw (Hairspray). Also missed our flight and stayed at the Millenium Hilton one night. Very nice, but very $$$$.

  7. Paulie says:

    Shoobie: you’ve got it right. Hashers (well, most of them) are strange.

    SS: you are too funny!

    Thanks all for the input, will be making reservations today.

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