Inside The Perimeter meets Inside The Beltline (NC)

Raleigh North Carolina, or as I like to call it, “Atlanta Lite”. I am sure that the residents of that area would go tell me to fuck myself if I said it to their face. Here is their opportunity to do it in print.

Dance Like No One Is Watching
I can only imagine that was the motto of the guy we saw dancing at a dive called Sadlacks Heroes near the campus of NC State. For the unitiated (as I was), Sadlacks is not a venue where dancing would normally ensue; it’s a small sandwich joint with a small patio area and an eclectic group of patrons. To this guy’s credit he came prepared to dance with short pants, knee pads, and a towel. Did I mention that his dancing resembled more of an epileptic seizure than “normal” dancing? At points during the night he managed to get himself into ideal limbo position, getting so low that the shoulder blade sections of his white t-shirt had turned black from scraping up against the concrete floor. I tried this position the next day and nearly snapped my forty-year-old legs in half before giving up.

My Sixth Sense
Last week when playing poker I jokingly predicted the card being passed to me in a game of Anaconda. Lucky guess, I know, but it humored me.

On Saturday my friends and I brunched at a place in (or around) Raleigh called (I think) the Sunflower Cafe. It was noon, and the place was one of those order at the counter, wait for you name to be called, former-Hardees, type places. While standing in line I noticed that they had a Special of the Day sandwich that appealed to me, so I told my friend Lisa that I had figured out what I was going to order. About the same time an elderly couple standing behind me started talking about how good the Special sounded. I then whispered to Lisa how the people behind me were going to hate me because I was going to order the last of the Specials. (remember it was only noon) Low and behold as the girl passed my order to the guy making sandwiches, he told her “That’s the last one.” and she erased the Special from blackboard. I was glad that I didn’t receive the cane whacking that I fully expected to receive.

Hold It Right There, Buddy!
We lived in a fucked up world. Here is a picture of a set of stairs that are next to a LA Fitness near where I work.

What are they going to do if I try to go up and down the stairs fifty times just for the hell of it?

The Next Grand Experiment
With the exception of the New York trip, I am going to try and force myself to eat lunches in the office for the entire month of August. Here are the perceived benefits

  • Money Savings – On average I spend $6 a day on outside lunches. Certainly I can do better than this by eating in.
  • Weight Loss – I belong to the Clean Plate club, so regardless of the amount of food placed in front of me I shove it all into my pie hole. I think that I can convince myself to make smaller portions in the office.
  • Time Savings – My longer morning commute has caused me to get into work later than I used to. Later in means later out, therefore if I am eating in the office it shouldn’t take me as much time to consume lunch.

Wish me luck, I will need it.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – Marta’d out
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Kings of Leon — “California Waiting”
Website Of The Day – Help fix the world by reporting broken things to This Is Broken.
Monday Morning Weigh In – 200 pounds

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