Honey, I’m Home

Ok, first off I was disappointed to find out that the Pie Wagon is only open for lunch. How in the world does it stay in business? Not deterred, I managed to find the Pancake Pantry, reportedly a long-time favorite of the Vanderbilt crowd. It was very good, which explained the hard time finding a parking space and the five minute wait for a table on a Thursday morning.

Today’s A Mental Health Day
And I am popping my Apple’s cherry by blogging from Joe’s coffee shop in East Atlanta. Business is a bit on the slow side right now, but I’m enjoying my blueberry muffin and this mondo cup of coffee.

With it being so slow I get to hear all of the surly advice being supplied by Carmen.

Today’s goals are to have fun, exercise, buy groceries, and perhaps buy my first monthly Marta card.

I was scheduled to go to a big hashing camping weekend called NC/SC, but the hectic nature of this week and my desire not to drink myself silly changed my mind. Besides, I’d have to cut the camping short to return for Sunday’s Falcons’ game anyway.

Ooh, the cutest woman I have ever seen in East Atlanta just entered and bought a coffee.

First It’s Children, Now It’s Matrimony
Hmmm, that came out all wrong. I came back to Atlanta to find out that two of my coupled friends have gotten engaged. For what it’s worth I approve of both of these. I know that at least one of the couples has read this space in the past, so if you crazy kids are reading this today I have one suggestion– open bar. 🙂

A Very Brady Trainwreck
Has anyone else been watching My Fair Brady? This show is an absolute trainwreck. It’s Yet Another Reality Show, this one follows the lives of forty-seven year old Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) and his twenty-two year old model girlfriend Adrianne Curry. They met where all couples should meet, on the reality show called The Surreal Life. What could possibly go wrong?

Depending on my attitude I might be doing a double booking at The EARL this weekend in place of the camping.

Tonight Magnolia Electric Co. is scheduled to play; tomorrow night’s billing contains Tenement Halls. I think that both will be excellent shows.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – relaxed
Current Music – none. I’d be listening to a podcast right now had I remembered to pack my headphones. Arrgh!
Website Of The Day – Send your future-self a message at FutureMe. I just sent Paulie + 7 days the message “Don’t forget to buy concert tickets for you and the cute woman you met this morning”. Oh crap, the cute woman just left the coffee shop with nary a glance in my direction.

If you ever want a quick glance of the sites I’ve picked for my Websites Of The Day, you can check them out on del.icio.us, my user name is InsideThePerimeter (go figure), and they are all tagged as “blogged.”

Yesterday’s Exercise (b)Log – nothing

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. katlanta says:

    I have your NC/SC goodies. We missed you.

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