Are You Surprised That Davy Jones Was The Shortest Monkee?

But Am I Really Going To Save $45?
With my big Super BlowTM party coming up in about two week’s time I considered joining Costco yesterday so that I could pull in the Big Savings on all the party fixins. Up until last year I was a member of Sam’s Club. However since the office has moved and I Marta into work, Sam’s Club is not really that convenient for me.

I considered becoming a Costco member until I found out that their yearly membership is $45! Forty. Five. Dollars. For one person. For one year. I doubt seriously that I could get big enough Big Savings to justify a Costco membership.

Okay Ikea Zealots, I Need Your Help
I have been looking for a piece of furniture for the mansion for a few months now (and for those who know me well, this stay in the same place in the house until I move) and finally found what I was looking for at Ikea online. This is what I am looking to buy (the Magiker Sideboard)

(sorry about the spacing, I just grabbed the image location from Ikea)
The problem is that it is not available (read “in stock”) in Atlanta. Is there a way that I can have Ikea do a store-to-store transfer so that I don’t have to pay shipping charges?

I Am Such A Creature Of Habit
Last week Google changed its Gmail interface by moving the Delete option from a pull dowm list to a dedicated button. I am predicting it will take me a good three weeks before I stop going to the pull down list in order to delete a mail message. Afterall it took me over a year to stop trying to open my sunroof in the Honda by pressing the buttons on the roof (the Honda’s sunroof controls are to the left of the steering wheel, my old Nissan had them on the roof).

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me
Last night I needed a break from trivia, so I decided to do something different. I had made plans to go out and join a group party, but the more I thought about it the less comfortable I felt joining the group, so I decided to skip that as well. On my drive home I decided that I might want to do something that I have not done in some time, somthing that would also provide me with some exercise; I decided that I would run the Atlanta Moonlight Hash. Remarkably, I remembered the phone number for the Atlanta Hare Line and gave it a call. What did I find out? That the Monday night hash was starting in the parking lot of the CompUSA that I can see from my office. Oye Fucking Vey! Who wants to take a guess that I didn’t immediately turn the car around and drive back to my office?

I would have packed clothes to run the trail today just to see where it went, but Tuesday is always a busy day at work and I have early plans tonight. Perhaps I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Is there a Big Brothers program for forty year olds? I am not looking to become a Big Brother, I am looking for a Big Brother (or Big Sister). All of my friends have entered (or are soon to enter) Grown Up Land, so I am looking for irresponsible adults who want to hang out in bars. I’ve been told that I am funny, can shoot pool or throw darts marginally well, and at least for the time being have enough money to cover my bar tabs.

More TV Worth Watching
Not to stroke the egos of the kids over at [adult swim] but they are showing tv programs that I think are brilliant. Specifically, I am hooked on Robot Chicken (although can we start and end this show on a half-hour boundry please?) and, although I wasn’t initially sold, am really digging The Boondocks. Toss these two shows in with my other favorites such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Brak Show, and those kids have themselves a really good lineup over there. Although what the fuck is up with that Davey and Goliath inspired Morel Orel show?

CD Pick Of The Week
We are far enough from the backend of the holidays for artists to start once again dropping new releases. Today, I have two picks on my plate to serve up for you.

The first of these is from Cat Power and is called “The Greatest”. Don’t get the title confused and think that this is a Greatest Hits release for Cat Power, these are all new songs. From the couple of singles I have heard it sounds promising, and besides it’s from a really decent label, Matador Records.

The second CD is a two-CD release called “From A Compound Eye” from Robert Pollard, the former lead singer of one of the my favorite former bands Guided By Voices. I am not sure that I have even heard a single track from this release, but Pollard’s past successes (in my ears) is worthy of a nod from me.

As always, if you are one of those people “in the business” and you think that you’d like for me to give your CDs “real reviews”, contact me at itpBlogBox (at) gmail (dot) com and get me some promo discs.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – fair
Current Music – Listening to a CBC Radio 3 podcast, currently playing some decent hip-hop music
Website Of The Day – Go see how you measure up (literally) to “celebrities” over at Tall Or Not. PS- I’m skeptical about believing that Tom Cruise is 5’7″ tall.

If you ever want a quick glance of the sites I’ve picked for my Websites Of The Day, you can check them out on, my user name is InsideThePerimeter (go figure), and they are all tagged as “blogged.”

Exercise (b)Log – too lazy
Weekly Weigh-In – 202 pounds, although according to my scale my body-fat percentage has increased.

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  1. i think you just changed my life. i’ve been really annoyed at myself lately cause everytime i try and delete an email, i just end up giving it a star. i could not figure out what my damn problem was. but now i realize that it’s them, it’s not me.
    thanks, paulie.

  2. Paulie says:

    Glad I could help. 🙂 Now if I could only train myself to use the button.

  3. Maigh says:

    …or the toliet. Either way.

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