Drinking And Blogging Shouldn’t Don’t Mix

Rated NC-17 (but then again when am I not rated NC-17?)

I’m prediciting the future by giving you tomorrow’s blog entry tonight (therefore the timestamp you see below is a complete lie — psst, it’s really 8:45pm). I’ve been drinking alone again, so this will be a semi-freeform entry as opposed to the finely-crafted entries you have grown accustomed to reading. This is a rarity so don’t get used to it, regardless of how true, honest, and potentially funny it is.

btw- I am not drunk, but I have a nice buzz going on in my head right now…

Introducing Penhenge!
What to do at the end of a meal when you have three pens and a knife? Construct Penhenge, of course.

Penhenge courtesy of Stacy, Phil and Shane at the Crescent Moon a few weeks ago.

Got Wood?
I initially took this picture to show how large the tree which had been cut down once was. The more I looked at the picture in my cell phone the more it looked like a huge penis with testicles.

Oddly, this picture was taken one year ago to the day in which most of you will see it.

Shit I Wrote When I Wasn’t Drinking

I Can See My Love For Podcasts Ending Within Six Months
More and more of the podcasts I listen to are adding advertisement or are planning to add advertisements. Why they are seeing dollars signs, I am seeing abandomnent. I mentioned before that I understand that people are taking time out of their lives and are spending real money to create and distribute podcasts. However, if the greatest invention of the last ten years (imho) is the DVR (you say “TiVo”, I say “DVR”) giving me the ability to watch programs on my schedule and jump past commercials so that an hour program only costs me forty-two minutes of my life, then being unable to avoid interstitial audio commercials within podcasts is going to be a podcast killer for me. I’d rather listen to my music, unincumbered by advertisements instead.

Returning To The Present
That was really fucking insightful, no?

Before I started drinking tonight I got an excellent haircut at a new place (for me) called Black Cherry Hair Design. 2006 will be different at least that’s what I keep trying to tell myself, hence the change in stylists… Turns out that the owner Jessica is a pseudo-neighbor of mine, as she also is an East Atlanta resident.

I’d offer you a picture, but my eyes are mean from drinking the Devil’s Water. I’m not sure why, but that last sentence just made me laugh!

Oh yeah, and I just rememebered this. Her salon scored an extra “Paulie Hip Point” because while I was there I heard The Faint playing over her stereo system.

And Then The Eating And Drinking Began
I’ve become somewhat of a drinking lightweight. I ate dinner at Cantina La Casita (blaming Jessica here because she mentioned the chips and salsa there and I suddenly had a craving).

After eating (and having one beer) I walked up to Graveyard Tavern where I had another beer before heading home where I’ve kept the drinking going.

Aw, Pisser!
I just read that one of the bands I “discovered” in Aught-Five has split. De Novo Dahl have come apart at the seams. Their double CD set called “Cats and Kittens” was one of the better “indie” releases that I heard last year. My condolences to the group and best wishes to all involved.

Aw, Double Pisser!
And now I just found out that The Get Up Kids also broke up last year. Fuckin’ A, all this good music going by the wayside…

Well kids, that’s all I care to spill tonight (save the regular, copyrighted feature of the ideas stolen from LiveJournal).

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – intoxicatingly useless, off to get another beer
Current DrinkFlying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter. 9.5% alcohol by volume, fuck that’s harsh!
Current Music – Neutral Milk Hotel — “Two Headed Boy”. These guys were fucking brilliant, and finding them so long after they broke up really pisses me off.
Website Of The Day – My picture should be at Planet Perplex because I am certainly perplexed as to why the fuck I am on this planet.

If you ever want a quick glance of the sites I’ve picked for my Websites Of The Day, you can check them out on del.icio.us, my user name is InsideThePerimeter (go figure), and they are all tagged as “blogged.”

Exercise (b)Log – Who fucking cares, because right now I sure don’t!

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