A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste; A Waist Is A Terrible Thing To Mind

I finally got around to shooting some pictures again yesterday, I was not overly enthusiastic about my results…

I'll Take James Brown To Block

I Am As Exciting As Competitive Dominoes
The other night I was in a bar and I noticed up on ESPN Dos that they were showing competitive dominoes; four players who apparently play as teams of two. My first thought was “Holy Christ, ESPN is really dredging the bottom of the barrel if they need to show dominoes on tv.” This coming from a person who fondly remembers the days when ESPN used to show Australian Rules Football and racquetball all the time. However, after five minutes I realized that not only had I been watching Competitive Dominoes for five minutes, I was getting sucked in! Two of the guys were having a heated conversation about what I’ll never know because the sound was turned off. Why do I have a feeling that the next thing ESPN will show will be Competitive Grass Growing and I will be fixated on the TV for that as well…

Look Who’s Speaking PHP?
Notice that my calendar seems a bit sparse? Notice that there have been fewer accounts of drunken stupor? Guess what? (*have a seat*) I’ve been at home reading. Not only have I been reading, I’ve been reading books that are beneficial to my brain!

Over the last week I have completed a short book about PHP programming (one that I had mysteriously lost — I rarely lose things — and had to repurchase from Barnes and Noble). This means that in the near future you’ll be able to see me put this space through incredibly stupid maneuvers, never once apologizing for when I eff it up to hell and back.

Next on the agenda is a tutorial about CSS and web design.

I Want To Love My Mac, But It’s Hard
I like my iBook I really do. However, I cannot love it.

When I get the spinning beachball of death when I try to unmount a flash card after using iPhoto and can’t figure out how to kill the process without removing the flash card and then getting the message that I should shut the program down before removing the memory, I get pissed.

When I try to play a video that I downloaded in iTunes and Quicktime doesn’t recognize the video and won’t play it (and provides nothing more than a useless user interface), I get frustrated.

These are the sort of things the are supposed to “just work” in the world of Apple.

What’s even more strange is that I am contemplating getting another Mac, this one an Intel Core Duo iMac. I guess it’s the shred of computer scientist in me that has me intrigued. I guess it’s the masochist in me that believes that these issues aren’t large enough to stop me. I guess it’s the lack of dates which allows me to afford such silliness. And I guess that a purchase such as this will mean more nights spent home, alone. I guess I should learn to love my Mac, it might be the only love I have for some time…

The Kids Call These “Call Outs”
Shoobie, where the fuck are you?

Who wants to be a geek with me? I’m looking for people to get together and drink a beer or two on a monthly basis and talk about programming / web development. It’s kinda like APWBWGTTD, but nerdier. Maybe we could schedule sessions at Twain’s when the New York Corned Beef Society of Atlanta is serving up their tasty treats? Vegetarians are of course welcome to join the fray, Twain’s offers up non-meat dishes on their regular menu as well.

To my friends with cameras (I’m looking at you Phil and Gentri), next week starts a new Flickr Atlanta Scavenger Hunt (not sure if that links works for all)…. I challenge you participate with me. Also, anyone who wants to get out and shoot a photostroll should let me know. I’ve got my equipment, I need to shoot more often.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – sluggish
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Sufjan Stevens — “Come On! Feel The Illinoise!”
Website Of The Day – While watching an episode of Call For Help which is recorded in Toronto Canada, they referenced 35 Unger a foodie podcast on which two of the the three responsible parties live in Atlanta Georgia. Strange, eh?

If you ever want a quick glance of the sites I’ve picked for my Websites Of The Day, you can check them out on del.icio.us, my user name is InsideThePerimeter (go figure), and they are all tagged as “blogged.”

Exercise (b)Log – nothing

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste; A Waist Is A Terrible Thing To Mind

  1. Maigh says:

    Gee, what a good idea…it sounds so familiar…

  2. I didn’t see anyone else blogging about it, so I thought that I should… Besides, I’ve taken it one step further by suggesting a recurring meeting place and time. SO THERE!!! 🙂

  3. IMHO30033 says:

    Groups of geeks that get together on a monthly basis are called ‘User Groups’ and there are billions all around town, just maybe not in EATL! :-0

  4. Tessa says:

    – Holy shit… in the words of my inner-14 year old… DUCKS RULE!
    – WTF doesn’t ESPN broadcast Roller Derby already?!
    – Those MacBooks excite me a little more than they probably should. You have no idea how pissed I was when they came out with those when I *just* bought my iBook last summer. Argh! They’re hot. You should buy one so I can live vicariously through you (*cough* your computer *cough*). Ha. Seriously though – I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about them on the consumer end.
    – I’d be up for some dork drinking though I am an amateur when it comes to programming. Web technology is my b*tch though. 😉
    – I’ve been completely slacking off on the Atlanta Flickr community. What’s the scavenger hunt this week?

  5. Normal user groups are boring, I know because I’ve tried to go to them for over 20 years. I want beer and nerdy talk, with corned beef as a bonus. 🙂

    These are the ducks in my bathroom.

    Any sort of drinking and learning is good for me, it doesn’t have to be strictly programming.

    The scavenger hunt this week is soccer related because of the World Cup. It’s a tough one for me because I am not a soccer fan.

  6. ohmygod it’s been so long since my last corned beef foray. i think i need to get someone to set an alarm on my cell phone to remind me next time.

  7. I’m waiting to see if they do the next one on July 2nd as scheduled.

  8. Gentri says:

    Ha-ha! Cool! I’ve started my scavenger hunt, but can’t post any till tomorrow! Cross yellow card off the ol’ list! Sadly, I only have tomorrow, as I am going to NC/SC Friday! We’ll see how many I get in 24 hours!

  9. dpb says:

    I’m in for the geek/beer fest. Name the time and place.

  10. Maigh says:

    Time and place documented on eVite. For those interested that didn’t get it, e me.

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