The Signs Are Everywhere

And I am not talking about this sign

A Fir-Ju Well's Marketing

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Field Day A Go-Go
After work we had a picnic field day in the grassy knoll, or hillock if you will, next to the office. Those who ran the hash that Cheese Nips and I laid in March would recognized this as our on-in.

I flashed my grilling skills by cooking up vegetarian and carnivorous burgers and then went out to school the kids in volleyball. For some strange reason my lower back, right shoulder and elbow are all sore today. I wonder why? I must have flipped those burgers a little too vigorously…

It’s Not That I Can’t, It’s Just That I Can’t
I’d love nothing more than to be the old Paulie who shows up to George’s Bar on Wednesday nights, runs hard, and drinks copiuos amounts of beer the rest of the night. However, last night the scale only confirmed what my shorts intimated, I’m overweight…. 205 pounds to be exact.

At this point I feel a little like the boy who cries wolf, but for some reason I cannot turn the corner and get myself into the mindset I had back in my olden days.

I’m Not One For “Signs”
But some coincidences are hard for me to ignore.

The Jackmobile has surpassed the 50k mark and while that’s mere adolescence for most Hondas, she’s had a bit of a rough life. Yesterday I started thinking about how I would handle a car breakdown. For those who have no significant other and hate to ask favors of friends being stranded sans auto is a real pain in the ass. Naturally, I started thinking about AAA (it’s the third ‘A’ that changes this bit drastically), a service I used often when I was a seventeen-year-old punk who drove a 1968 Mustang (and wasn’t getting laid back then either, some things never change).

Would anyone like to guess what I received in the mail yesterday? That’s right, an unsolicited application packet from AAA. I’m seriously considering plunking down the $60 annual membership as a cheap form of insurance. If nothing else I can get maps, and I will become a great person to take on long car trips (the benefits are not honored even if I am just a passenger in the car).

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – distressed
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Replacements — “Androgynous”
Website Of The Day – Want to impress someone with your mad flowcharting skillz but don’t have a copy of Visio loaded onto your laptop? No worries, head on to Gliffy and get your flow on.

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Exercise (b)Log – volleyball and vigorous burger flipping

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to The Signs Are Everywhere

  1. Barb says:

    Knock on wood, I’ve had AAA for as long as I can remember, and my Honda has 140,000+ miles, and I’ve never had to use it. Kind of bums me out that I keep spending all that money, but the alternative of a break down would be worse. Spend the extra for the deluxe package, it has (I think) 300 miles for max. distance for towing, because how often do you break down just 5 miles from your mechanic?????

  2. InsideThePerimeter says:

    Hmmm, I didn’t read through the packet yet. I’ll look into the Deluxe Package. Thanks!

  3. Karyn says:

    You can always join me for fitness bootcamp- 5:45am Piedmont Park…starting July 17. =)

  4. InsideThePerimeter says:

    Sounds interesting but I’ll be travelling around that time.

  5. Gentri says:

    “Deluxe” is called AAA+ (triple A plus) and gives you a lot more “length”… heh. Instead of 5 (or so) free towing miles, it pays for up to a 100 miles. Given what they charge per mile, it’s very worth it. you can request maps online and they also let you book tickets etc. A lot more hotels also give you a discount than I thought. With all your trips, I’m guessing you’d probably save your $60 and then some. I’m actually wondering if it is also tax deductible……..

  6. Beth says:

    I’m on my parents AAA account — still — because it was so darn cheap for them to add all of us even though we are supposedly adults now. I’ve had to use it many times and its always been fine.

  7. Martha says:

    I got the same promo yesterday also. Considering the morning I had behind the wheel, car accident in front of me and protesters at work blocking the entrance, it might be a sign for me also.

    As for the weight issues, I know where you are coming from. I’ve made some small changes, 10 minute walk to the car at work, 5 flights of stair, cutting out some of the beer in my daily routine, but I need to step it up if I’m really going to see any changes. We could form a suport group! I was thinking about hitting the tennis court or riding my bike some tonight if you are interested.

  8. Susan says:

    I’ve had AAA for years and have never regretted it. It’s not much money and well worth it even if you only ever experience a flat now and then. (I guess you could probably fix a flat yourself, but I’d rather use the opportunity to catch up with friends and family on my cell while I wait for the wonderful AAA man to rescue me.) I also use their travel site for hotels. I don’t have the Plus and haven’t found it necessary so far. I had it towed recently, but luckily I was intown and the driver was able to suggest a decent mechanic a couple of miles away. I may consider the Plus though, it makes sense.

  9. Eunuch says:

    Have you decided if you’re going to Colorado Interhash? Or Virginia IH? Just curious…vigorous burger flipping and V-ball is great workout… 🙂

  10. InsideThePerimeter says:

    Eunuch, I am signed up for and have booked travel to Colorado for Interhash. Looking forward to drinking beer completely out of breath in the thin air. 🙂

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