Drinks On A Plane

Motherfucking Drinks on a Motherfucking Plane?!?!

The only real humor to come from yesterday’s biggest news story was the pictures of people having to discard, and in some cases pour out, the liquids they were planning on bringing on flights. Now I’m no chemist, although I do possess a BS in Chemistry from the University of Florida, but if these “potentially dangerous” liquids were stable in the vessels that the people were carrying why make them pour them out so that they could mingle with other liquids and become instable? And why do it where there are many more people than found in a single plane? Would the destruction inside an airport not be larger than on a plane?

As someone who has a few plane trips in his immediate future, I say kudos to the British authorities for foiling the plan.

In what year will we all be forced to fly naked, or in paper gowns like you get at a doctor’s office?

Random ITP Flickr Pic
I figure that you all are tired of seeing Chicago scenery, so here’s something I snapped on my way to work yesterday.


I only wish that it was a little straighter in the frame (I seem to wish this a lot). I think I need to learn how to correct this in Photoshop.

Thai A Yellow Ribbon
It’s rare for me when one place has an association with exactly one person. However, the place I ate dinner last night is such a place.

Because I was headed to Red Light Cafe and I had a desire for Thai food I ate at Bangkok Thai on Piedmont. When I think of Bangkok Thai I think of Tamara, my lone Canadian connection, who I used to meet for lunch at Bangkok Thai routinely years ago (back when I worked on 14th Street). Mmmmmmm, peanut sauce……

Last night I ate the Ruby Curry with beef (chicken, actually its preparation, has not been my friend of late). I received a generous portion of delicious creamy red curry with strips of beef, green and red pepper, and jalepeno pepper, served over rice. The only thing I wished was that it be a little spicier (I likka the spice). Knowing that I would be consuming a beer or two later I stuck with water at the restaurant.

Too Big For The Britches?
Enough about my waistline… Let me talk about last night’s Chatham County Line show at the Red Light Cafe.

Chatham County Line has quite the following in Atlanta. It is so large that they either have to play at a larger venue, or I’m calling the Fire Marshall the next time they play Red Light Cafe. I got there early enough to grab the only remaining table, which happened to be right next to the bar. As the show time neared the place was packed and I could barely see the stage because of the standing room crowd which assembled.

Truth be told, there’s not a whole lot I want to see when Chatham County Line plays since they are just four men who huddle around a microphone playing instruments. However the atmosphere would be more enjoyable to me if the girls who obviously were itching to whip out their clogging skills had more room to do so. A smaller crowd might also lessen the chances of hearing the idiots who pay $7 to get into a music venue only to hold conversations. Why people? Why? There are plenty of places you can get into for FREE if your goal is to hang out with your friends and talk. Why attempt to ruin the experience for those of us who are their to hear the music?

More Wondering Aloud
Yesterday the phrase “It’s like music to my ears.” popped into my head. I don’t remember why, but it did. It started me wondering why don’t we have an analogous statement for vision. Why don’t people ever say “It’s like art to my eyes.”? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

Oooh, I remember what brought the thought into my head! I received my American Express bill and I owe them $0.00! WooHoo!!! Now if only I could say the same for Visa and MasterCard..

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – annoyed that I slept too late to get a run in this morning
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Lou Barlow — “Holding Back The Year”
Website Of The Day – Paulie, have you ever found a website that has pictures of strange statues found around the world? Why yes I have, click here to see them. Some of these are completely bizarre.

Exercise (b)Log – none, Thursday was a rest day

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  1. Barb says:

    I hate people that owe $0 on their AmEx card. My balance is way too high after 2 trips in July, and another coming up last week of August. Have you decided what you are doing when you get to Colorado? You are welcome to join us, we still don’t have much of a plan besides spending early in the week in Vail with the relatives. Maybe Colorado Springs on thursday night?

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Don’t be mad, I owe MUCH more to Visa and Mastercard. I still need to talk to my travel companions about Colorado.

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