Wasted Days, Wasted Nights

When I arrived for the Sunday morning run at 8:00am yesterday I had no idea I would not be returning home until 8:30pm that night. We’ve started our runs earlier in order to beat the heat, which was thankfully nonexistent yesterday. I also thought that the earlier start might curb my desire to drink. I was so wrong…

Breakfast and beers at Bill’s turned into beers and burgers at Cathy’s, which turned me into a useless pile of crap, which has turned into a headache today.

Well There Goes That Theory — Death Of A TV Icon
On Friday I read that Mike Douglas died — on his 81st birthday. [remember my theory that nobody dies on their birthday? shot to hell]

When I was a little kid I watched a lot of daytime television when I stayed home from school. Back in the 70’s Douglas was one of the kings of daytime talk shows up there with Merv Griffin and Dick Cavett. Another piece of my childhood is gone, and on his birthday no less.

Random ITP Flickr Pic
I (Heart) Beer

7/9ths Is 2/9ths Too Few
I was trying hard to win the current Atlanta Flickr Scavenger Hunt. I failed to get two of the nine categories so I finished in multi-way tie for last. I had a feeling that if I didn’t get a picture for each category that someone else would, and sadly I was correct.

Perhaps if I didn’t spend twelve hours sitting around eating and drinking I might have completed the task.

TV Party Tonight
Unless I’ve got my dates wrong tonight is the 2-hour Grand Finale of Hell’s Kitchen. Heather or Virginia, who do you think will win? My money is on Heather, but then I’ve bet against Virginia all season long and have been wrong.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – blech
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Husker Du — “Sunshine Superman”
Website Of The Day – If I don’t start doing some work on my house and yard soon it’s destined to become a modern ruin like those photoblogged on Phillip Buehler’s Modern Ruins.

Exercise (b)Log – running/walking, 5 miles yesterday

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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