So Many Opportunities To Chicken Dance

Luckily it never happened…

(side note: this is take two for this post, as I just lost everything thanks to an inadvertent keypress. could somebody write software that doesn’t do shit like this?!?)

Babies And Brewhouse Oh Boy (And Girl)!
My good friend Tamara was in Atlanta this weekend (from Canada no less!) on her way to Charlotte this week. Like we did so many times in the past a group of us met up at Brewhouse in L5P. Unlike the past, there were beings in the group who didn’t even exist when we you to drink all night; hell they didn’t even exist until this year.

As a forty-one year old bachelor who is uncertain if he will ever find someone to marry him, nevermind bear his children, it’s kind of weird to watch my friends grow up around me.

ITP Flickr Pic
Did someone mention bears???

Wave Hello To The Nice People

Piedmont Park Wedding #1 — Done!
Saturday was a beautiful day to hold an outdoor wedding on the dock at Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park. That’s where I was Saturday afternoon for my former-employee-and-current-friend Mitsy’s (or, Misty, as she was called by the pastor a couple of times) wedding. The reception was held in Piedmont Park’s Magnolia Hall and was fantastic. May I suggest that if you plan your reception there to include the gits bar. Grits with shrimp, sausage, and duck, then topped with mushrooms is delicious!

Speaking of sausage… I was forced to go into my Suit Wayback Machine in order to find a suit that didn’t make me look like I was ten pounds of sausage stuffed into a casing meant for five-pounds. The suit I chose looked great and fit really well. The problem was that it fit really well (and is two sizes larger than I wish to be).

Post wedding I met up with Tamara and Sandy at the Highlander for a few beverages and to watch my Florida Gators squeak out a 21-20 victory over Tennessee. Not only was I the only one in the Highlander in a suit and tie, I also think that I was the only one who gave a rat’s ass about the game’s outcome.

Und Now We Act Like Fake Germans
On Sunday I headed to North Georgia with my friends Stacy and Phil to do a photostroll in Georgia’s Capital of Kitsch, Helen.

It was a nice day for a drive, and except for the occassional police sighting (I’m still skittish from Colorado), it was a good drive.

While in Helen I realized that it had been eleven years since I had last been there — on a weekend bender with Tamara (see how everything ties in) and Bill when the Braves won the World Series (it’s real easy to remember because they only won once).

Eleven years later, Helen hasn’t changed a bit.

The three of us (Stacy, Phil and myself because we are now back to the present) walked around taking photos of everything in the town (excluding fat tourists) and bears.

If you are looking for restaurant recommendations I can tell you where you may not want to go. We stopped for lunch and beers at the Over the Top Bar & Grill. After getting the “house brew” which tasted an awful lot like Miller (Lite?) and then waiting an eternity for our food to arrive, my plate of chicken wings were cold (tepid at best). Stacy’s onion rings suffered a similar fate and her BLT was toasted on one side. Phil’s salad was acceptable. When we called someone over to return the food they offered to “fix it”, which we declined, and then gave us a story about how the head cook wasn’t working and the guy making food was in the band that played the night before so he was working on only a few hours sleep. The establishment wound up comping all of the food. We walked out dissatisfied. A meal purchased later at some beer hall was better, although nothing to write home about.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – pissed that I’ve had to rewrite this post
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Thermals — “A Pillar Of Salt”
Website Of The Day – So many widgets, so little time. Check out the Widgetoko blog to try and keep up.
Exercise (b)Log – none. boo! hiss! although I did a lot of yardwork Saturday and walking yesterday.

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4 Responses to So Many Opportunities To Chicken Dance

  1. Barb says:

    Next year the 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk is Sept 29th & 30th, in downtown Atlanta. (Hotel is the Omni, is it still called that?) Maybe you won’t have a weddign to go to. So many women, so few men to talk to. If you want to boost your confidence with women, this is the event to do it. (and there are plenty of young, cute women…..) I hope you can join me, I’ve decided I need 6 bikers, we had 900+ walkers this year, and expect even more next year. Best tshirt slogan – SAVE SECOND BASE!!!

  2. I was *really* bummed not to be able to volunteer with you this year. I will keep that weekend open next year and will begin working on getting in shape so that I will be able to have a smidgeon of confidence then.

    Love the t-shirt slogan!

  3. Smoove D says:

    That was pretty rude of your friend to schedule her wedding the same weekend as the East Atlanta Strut.

  4. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Yeah, I thought so as well. Then I went out and drank for so long at the Highlander I forgot about the show at The EARL.

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