Smile Pretty For The Nice People
Today I find myself headed out for my final college recruiting road trip of the season. Today’s destination: Auburn University. While there I will be doing my best to recruit intelligent students and feed the football team as much fresh spinach straight from the bag as they can eat. Football players need big muscles and spinach worked for Popeye, that’s logic that no Auburn football player can refute.

The Tin Drum No Longer Resembles The Tin Drum
One of the few chain restaurants at which I will eat is Tin Drum Asia Cafe (nfws?). My normal order is called the “Tin Drum” consisting of spicy chicken chunks with fresh spinach leaves serverd over steamed white rice. Since I have not eaten there in a while it was what I ordered yesterday. When I received my order I was somewhat surprised to see that they have substituted broccoli for the spinach leaves. I know about the whole e. coli problem discovered recently, but I thought for sure that things would be back to normal by now.

ITP Mingaling Flickr Pic
I tried to go out last night and snap photos, but as I drove around nothing struck me as particularly interesting. No matter, Atlanta blogger Lori has a much more appropriate photo for today in her Flickr stream

(via Lori’s Flickr account)

A Show You Should See Tonight Because I Can’t
Tonight at the Variety Playhouse there is a big show when Little Steven’s Underground Garage show rolls into town. The headliner is 1960’s rock legends The Zombies, but I would suggest that you get there early enough to see The Mooney Suzuki. You have probably heard some of The Mooney Suzuki’s music being played on television commercials and didn’t even know it.

Not One, But Two Birthdays To Celebrate
A quick look at Google shows that today marks their eighth birthday. September 27th also marks the birthday of my friend Randy who is considerably older. Oh wait, I mentioned Randy’s 40th birthday party on Monday. My aging mind must have slipped, Randy you might want to prepare yourself for similiar disfunctions. And eventhough you are a vegetarian you may want to stay away from the spinach — you are no Auburn football player you know…

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – bitter, like that dark brown stuff in the veins of a pecan that you accidentally eat
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Flaming Lips — “She Don’t Use Jelly”
Website Of The DayScruncher or Folder asks one of the most important question of all time… Do you scrunch your toilet paper or fold it before you wipe?
Exercise (b)Log – this space left blank intentionally

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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2 Responses to WWPopeyeD?

  1. Randy says:

    At least I’m younger than Star Trek (9/8/66) 😉


  2. Smoove D says:

    Good luck finding intelligent students at Auburn.

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