Culture, Coiffure, And Over-Consumption

That title sums up my weekend nicely.

Brisket A Go Go
Friday night found me meeting my friend Stacy at the (Euclid Avenue) Yacht Club. Inexplicably traffic from Perimeter Hell was incredibly light so I was able to fly down to L5P in near record time. I considered doing an impromptu photostroll but the near-100 degree heat and knowledge that I had already agreed to a photostroll in L5P on Sunday squashed that thought. How was I going to kill the time until the designated meeting time? Just then I received a text message from Stacy alerting me that she was already in L5P. Sweet Chicken!

While the Yacht Club was full of the regular clientele, the Horizon Theatre was a different story. Not being well-read I didn’t know that “The Bluest Eye” was written by an African-American and that the play would be performed by an all African-American cast (neither of these tidbits matter to me by the way). Consequently, I was rather stunned to see that the audience was primarily African-American.

The play was brilliantly performed, although I did start to get a bit fidgety when its length neared two hours. I don’t think that the Horizon’s seats are comfortable enough for such a long play, even when there is an intermission.

Just Call Me Captain Culture
On Saturday morning I woke up and headed over for my scheduled haircut. (I’ve typed this only to remind me that I need to change the appointment I made on Saturday). To beat the heat I decided that my mission was to beat the heat and make my way to the High Museum to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit.

I’ve knocked the High in the past. I think that they over-hyped the Louvre exhibit, and while I think that the Leibovitz exhibit was okay I don’t think that it was all “that.” However, there was a nice unexpected exhibit pairing present as next to the Leibovitz exhibit was a multi-room display of the portraits painted by Cecilia Beaux. Given the one-two punch I recommend you get to the High before the exhibits go away in September. I plan to make it there at least once more if I can fit it into my schedule; the High not being open past 5pm makes that a bit difficult however.

ITP Flickr Pic
A statue of nekkid men is art.

I Can See Your Naughty Bits!

A magazine filled with photos of nekkid women is pornography.

I don’t understand.

Speaking Of Regulars
On Sunday morning I met up with a large group of Flickrites to stroll through L5P, and later near Krog Street tunnel (the Canon shooters completely out-numbered me and my fellow Nikon shooters).

The stroll ended near 11am and I had a hunch that the Sunday morning running group would be cracking open its first beer. How right I was. I managed to make it there in time to snare a few strips of bacon and plan to pass the day away drinking with my friends. Beer. Pizza. Beer. Tacos. Heaven (gluttony).

After the gang broke up I headed home where I crashed on the couch for at least a hour. When I awoke Big Brother 8 was on the tv and I continued my day of mind-numbing activities. I won’t throw any spoilers today because nothing that happened on the episode was new to me (thanks to the Big Brother After Dark viewing last week and the spoiler message boards I read Saturday).

I Need A Tax Accountant / Consultant
My taxes suck and I’ve finally reached the point where I need professional help. If you know of a good personal tax accountant, could you please fire me an email?

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – fat, wishing my poison ivy would go away, but other than that okay
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Wilco — “Box Full Of Letters” (Hey! I just heard the DJ mention Manchester Orchestra!)
Website Of The Day – Have you been trying to find out how much those collectibles you have in your house are worth? Try looking at My Things to help you organize and evaluate your stuff.
Exercise (b)Log – nothing, because I am a lazy wimp
Monthly Mileage – 7 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

August Goals
1) Get my first Ruby / Ruby on Rails program written
3) Lose 5 pounds (if at first, second, third, fourth, you don’t succeed….)

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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