The Ballad Of Wounded Knee

If there is an appearance at George’s tonight in my future I shan’t be running. The slight pain in my left knee, which feels very ACL-like, has me concerned. And since I will need to be pulling a handful of seven-hour standing days at career fairs over the next three weeks I am going to play it safe. Also, I’ll be attending the Meat Puppets show at The EARL tonight, so I may need a nap prior to the show.

Georgia Tech Recruiting: Like Spending A Night In A Bar
For some reason our table was a bit slow yesterday. As I stood there watching others exchange information it kind of reminded me of the many nights I stood in bars wondering why I couldn’t hook up. Yesterday provided me with no further insight unfortunately.

The food for the event was catered by Atlanta Bread Company, who if they were the menu planners, made some interesting choices. For breakfast I picked up a wrapped bacon (yea!), egg, and cheese (every sandwich had cheese on it) bagel only to find out that the bagel was a poppyseed bagel. While I love poppyseeds the thought of having one stuck in my teeth haunted me the entire morning. For lunch I picked up a boxed-sandwich lunch which had a turkey and cheese (more cheese, do Wisconsinites own ABG?) sandwich — and the cheese was American. Huh? The classic turkey and cheese sandwich is made with Swiss cheese, don’t they know that?

ITP Flickr Pic
No shots from the career fair yesterday. I packed my camera but the threat of afternoon rain curtailed any photography time I had hoped to get in.

Elton's Sing-A-Long

I chuckled the other day when I saw the murals on the nightclub in Amsterdam Outlets (Amsterdam Walk?). All of the characters in their mural were gay icons. Not surprising, I know.

Marta: Same As It Ever Was
I chose to ride Marta to Georgia Tech yesterday. I could have driven, but I didn’t want to be bothered with parking on Tech’s campus.

As I transferred from the East/West line to the North/South line I remember just how much of a pain in the ass it was to ride Marta. Apparently the train was a little behind schedule (hot that one really exists) and the train that arrived at the station consisted of only four cars. Needless to say it was packed. Luckily I was only riding for three stops so the nuts-to-butts condition were bearable. At my destination I remembered that you need to “badge out” of the system now (mark my words, destination-based fares are on the way), so I had to dig out my Breeze card again so that I could get away. More frustration. Yes, that’s what will get people riding mass transit.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – okay, but concerned
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing The Faint — “Agenda Suicide”
Website Of The DayPhotagr is another Web2.0 community-based photography site. I’ve yet to figure out why I would want to use it, but it intrigues me nonetheless.
Exercise (b)Log – none
Monthly Mileage – 4 miles
Mode Of Transportation To Work – My car

September Goals
1) Get my first Ruby / Ruby on Rails program written
2) Lose 5 pounds (if at first, second, third, fourth, you don’t succeed….)
3) Take now fewer than three photos a day
4) Listen to (and review) one CD a day in September

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to The Ballad Of Wounded Knee

  1. Martha says:

    Maybe we can get a 2 for 1 deal on MRIs for our knees? I’ll be getting my first on Friday before I head up to the Lake. What a way to start the weekend.

    You could still go for a walk, I did that on Monday. Between the biking, hashing and running over the weekend, I was pretty sore myself.

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    I don’t see myself getting a MRI anytime soon. Not with my health benefits anyway.

    I could walk. That may be an option for me.

  3. Martha says:

    Yes even with insurance the MRI is going to cost more than my new tv…if I didn’t keep falling down steps I would probably put it off also.

  4. Stacy says:

    Martha, dear, cut back on the drinking and you may stop falling down stairs so much. (Key word there being “may.”)

    Wisconsinites must not own ABG [sic] because we understand that there’s really NO SUCH THING as “American cheese.” Ugh! I’d ban that place now if it weren’t for their scrumptous avocado sandwiches and cheddar cheese soup in bread bowls. Mmmmm….

  5. Martha says:

    I wish I could blame all my ‘klutziness’ on drinking but alas I come by that honestly.

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