It Seemed Like A Grand Plan

Yesterday I lugged a gymbag full of running attire into work with the plan of running around 5:00pm, showering in the office workout room, and then catching Marta home. I figured that by the time the hour-long commute ended I would be ravenous and stop at an East Atlanta restaurant to eat. It was a beautifully laid-out part of the “Paulie Master Plan” to exercise more and spend a larger portion of my disposable income in my neighborhood business district. And then I got sucked into a two-hour long meeting which started at 4:00pm. By the time I left the office it was pitch-dark and the thought of eating around 8:00pm seemed like a bad idea. Dangen!

Marta: Three Days Running
I’ve taken Marta to work three days running, unfortunately that’s the only running in my life since Sunday. My streak is predestined to come to an end tomorrow as I am meeting some of the Flickrites for dinner at Tasty China in Marietta (6:30pm for any of you who wish to join in).

ITP Flickr Pic
This photo, which amuses me, is not getting much love on the internets

I Thought That The Monsters Slept Under The Bed

So I am pimping it here.

Can I Have My Run And Thrashers Too?
Today I am going to attempt to use the running clothes that I left in the office overnight. I am going to change my plan of attack however, and get a five-mile run in around lunchtime. Today’s plan is doubly-devious since I have to leave the office by 5:00pm in order to meet up with folks to head to the hockey game. Tonight my beloved New York Islanders are in town and will probably get trounced like they did against the Thrashers the other evening in New York.

Beefing Up The Blog So I Can Slim Down
Recently I’ve been adding some more status near the bottom of each entry. Last week I added the number of Marta rides I’ve taken in a month, mostly to keep me honest and to see how likely it will be to reach my twenty-ride goal.

Today I’ve brought back the “Weekly Weigh-In”, to be conducted on Wednesday mornings prior to leaving the house for work. Sadly today’s weight was 204 pounds, but since I am going to be starting a training routine very shortly I expect that to drop. My target weight for running the ING Georgia Half Marathon is 190 pounds. In conjunction with my training schedule I’ve created a twelve-week Google Calendar, based on Hal Higdon’s “intermediate” training schedule, which will start on January 7, 2008; once I figure out how to publish and share a Google Calendar I will let you know.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – confused, bitter, lonely, unsure, lost, other than that quite fine
Current Music – Sirius Satellite Radio, Channel 26 playing Neutral Milk Hotel — “Holland, 1945” (brilliant!)
Website Of The Day – Ever see and English word in print but you are not sure how it is pronounced? Try How J Say : An English Pronouncing Dictionary. I think that the fist word I will try will be “howjsay”
Mode Of Transportation To WorkMarta
Exercise (b)Log – nothing
Monthly Foot Mileage – 6.3 miles
Monthly Wheel Mileage – 0 miles
Monthly Marta Rides – 4
Wednesday Morning Weigh-In – 204 pounds

December Goals
1) Run no fewer than 50 miles
2) Ride Marta no fewer than twenty times (ten round-trips)
3) Read at least one book

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Martha says:

    The current weather, specially the wind, has put a crimp in my running for the week. I haven’t run since Sunday either, unless you count racing back to my car on Monday night because it was so freakn’ cold.

    I did bring my workout clothes to the office today, my plan is to hit the gym right after work and before heading to Mango and Kat’s for some maintenance on Gretel.

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