Will Christmas Come Early This Year?

And I declare pancakes with honey (orange blossom) a success!

Somebody Is Going To Try And Get An iPhone Today (Assuming AT&T Is Not Completely Fucked)
Wanna guess who?

Yes, it’s true! I am caving. However, this means that I have decided to live life for what it’s worth. As my sub-header says, “If You Are Not Living, You Are Dying.” It’s time to practice what I preach. And before you jump my case about my plumbing, let me say that things are in the planning stages. I want to purchase the iPhone before getting a quote for the plumbing so I can look cool calling 911 when I have my heart attack.

What’s That Feeling? Oh, It’s Called “Losing”
Christmas is the time to give. So naturally Meet The Hashers gave some other teams the opportunity to bask in the glory of winning at Team Trivia at Raging Burrito in Decatur. It was the least we could do.

Our wrong answers were like the oil for a Hanukkah menorah; just when we thought that we had run out of them, there were more to keep our losing efforts going.

ITP Flickr Pic
He’s got balls the size of ornaments! And my what a big lens you have there…
Deck The Halls
This was from Tuesday’s night walkabout in Little Five Points.

Something Old, Something New
In the past two days I’ve purchased the latest release from Gringo Star, as well as what I believe was their first release when they were recording under the name A Fir Ju Well.

The A Fir Ju Well purchase was made at one of my favorite haunts, Decatur CD. I was milling about Decatur CD killing time before heading to Thinking Man Tavern on Wednesday night when I lucked into the used disc.

The Gringo Star purchase was a download from Amazon. Amazon has been my go-to music store this year. Being an Apple stockholder I should check iTunes first and would if I didn’t have to make sure the purchases I make are DRM-free. Down with DRM! Down with DRM!

Happy Birthday To The Person Who Helped Start This Nonsense
Back in the day, October 2004 to be exact, there was a guy who started a little blog parked at www.InsideThePerimeter.com. While it was a charming, witty blog — then a mere Blogger blog — the regularity of its publishing was problematic. A wise, internet savvy young lady named Maigh advised this noob that publishing daily was the only way to gain readers, readers to whom I refer to as “ITP-Reader” today.

Today is the birthday of ITP-Reader Maigh. You can blame her for the minutes of your life you’ve lost by reading this blog. 🙂

The Weekend Is Full Of Opportunities
There are only two “definites” on my schedule this weekend.

I will definitely be in attendance for Sunday’s Black Sheep hash.

I have a ticket to go see Manchester Orchestra and Dead Confederate at Variety Playhouse Saturday night. It’s been some time since I’ve seen Manchester Orchestra in concert. I’m looking forward to a great show because I really enjoy the music of each band. I’ll also probably bring a little extra cash to see if Andy Hull is selling any discs for his solo project “Right Away, Great Captain!”

Other probabilities for this weekend are a birthday gathering for Maigh’s birthday, the annual Atlanta Hash XMas party, as well as Saturday’s joint Atlanta / Pine Lake holiday hash.

Unlikely, but necessary chores that should happen this weekend are laundry, house cleaning, and yard work.

And now for some ideas stolen from LiveJournal…
Current Mood – odd, maybe because it’s the Friday before Christmas, maybe because I may be committing to an iPhone today
Current Music – listening to the CBC Radio3 podcast — The 2008 Bucky Awards Show
Website Of The Day – My memory is fading. I think I’m going to adopt apps like Evernote to help me remember things.
Mode Of Transportation To Work – my car
Exercise (b)Log – nothing

Foot Mileage – 8 miles
Wheel Mileage – 0 miles
Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 19 (19)
Vegetarian Days – 11
Carnivorous Days – 7
Marta Rides – 0

Books To Read To Earn Kindle – 4

December Goals
1) Lose no fewer than two pounds
2) Drink no soda
3) Run no fewer than 50 miles
4) Completely read no fewer than one book
5) Write at least one program using Ruby on Rails

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. B-Bob says:

    The iphone wins = you win…
    “To enjoy life, take big bites; everything in excess; moderation is for monks”

  2. Steve says:

    Maigh- If you are the one who started Paulie on his blogging addiction, then I have a mere 2 words- thank you. I would say it is fairly therapeutic for him and it is cheaper than an ankle bracelet for us to keep up with him!

    Happy Birthday.


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