This Little Piggy Went To Market

At the conclusion of yesterday’s stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (speaking of which, you should check out ITP-Reader Steve’s comment in yesterday’s blog entry) I drove back to East Atlanta, parked the Jackmobile in the driveway, and walked up to the Thursday night East Atlanta Farmers Market. After purchasing a loaf of artisan bread, some tomatoes, some Japanese eggplant, and some green/yellow squash (note: I didn’t get a King of Pops popsicle) and while taking note of the others attractive girls in attendance I saw ITP-Reader Betsy and a female hasher who has requested anonymity. My intent was to make dinner from my purchases but I was kindly invited to consume salt and pepper tofu with some alcohol at SoBa with them, so I joined them for dinner and drinks. At SoBa I saw my friends Mike and Tami (Mike, who is in the band for which I schlepped clothes around the Chattahoochee last Saturday) eating dinner at the bar too.

Home Alone, Doing Chores OR Having Fun With Friends
As I mentioned yesterday there are no shortage of chores to do around the ITP Estate. However, I spend far too many nights alone these days so the thought of hanging out with a couple of friends was a pleasant alternative. I will have to get home in time, or wake up super early tomorrow, in order to give the mountain bike a once-over and inflate its tires to the proper pressure before tomorrow’s outing with cameras along the Atlanta BeltLine. Though it’s not yet finished I am excited to be getting my first view of the BeltLine tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some interesting photos along the ride as well.

ITP Flickr Pic
Look it’s a photo for the third time this week!
None have the photos have been of high quality, and all have been taken with my iPhone, but I’m trying. And this one has a story…

While rummaging around the (work) office the other day (August 24th to be exact) I came upon this hard drive in an old computer. I picked up the drive to see if it had any indication of its capacity marked upon it. Then I noticed the writing “WORKS 8/23/99” which is my handwriting in Sharpie from exactly twelve years, and one day, previously.
(In doing some research I found that the drive’s capacity is 6.4GB, which is smaller than the USB Flash Drives that I still can’t find.) I’m tempted to hook it up to a Windows PC to see if the drive still spins up, and if so, what is on it.

It’s Friday, It Must Be Taco Mac Night
If you are of a certain age (40+) and from a certain area of the United States (mostly like just the Northeast) you might remember two things:

  1. Wednesday is Sundae at Carvel
  2. Wednesday night is Prince Spaghetti night (here’s a link to the YouTube video of that commercial)

For me Friday night is Taco Mac night. Some time after work you’ll find me trying to chatting up the pretty waitresses while putting down the expensive tasty beers.

The remainder of this weekend will be spent biking, attempting to complete some of those many chores, and attending a performance of the play “The Green Book” at Theatrical Outfit.

Stats & Goals
Current Mood – fat, off-kilter still regarding my hip
Current Music – silence at the moment
Website Of The Day – A link to the National Hurricane Center seems unfortunately appropriate for today. Good luck East Coasters, stay safe.
Mode Of Transportation To Work – my car
Exercise (b)Log – stair climbing, 6 flights
Morning Weigh-In – 206 pounds this week, check back next Wednesday

Foot Mileage – 0.0 miles
Wheel Mileage – 55.0 miles
Pushups – 0
Situps – 0
Stairs – 72 flights

Consecutive Days Of Bed-Making (Longest Streak) – 0 (0)

Vegetarian Days – 2
Carnivorous Days – 23

Marta Rides To Work – 0
Bike Rides To Work – 0

August Goals
– “Completely” recover from the bike crash
– Ride my bike no fewer than 150 miles
– Not to get sick for the entire month
– Not get fired from my job
– Run at least once
– Eat vegetarian no fewer than five days
– Lose two pounds

2011 Goals [will be a little more fluid than in past years]
– Reduce my weight by 25 pounds based on the my weight as measured on February 1st
Completely read the book Daily Negations which I received as a Christmas gift.
– Run Sharpened Stone as a real business — one which does not get penalized.
– Save $500 for the sole purpose of donating to charitable organizations of my choice
– Attend at least one professional photography workshop
– Enter no fewer than three photographic competitions / gallery showings
Ride in no fewer than five 50 mile or 50K bike rides
– Run in no fewer than two one half-marathon
– Submit at least one application under the name “Sharpened Stone” to Apple’s iOS store

The Unmeasurable
– Continue backing up all data, including the off-site storage
– Become a proficient programmer in Objective-C
– Do not create a solution for something which is not a problem
– Eat smaller portions

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to This Little Piggy Went To Market

  1. bob says:

    I’m thinking that hard drive is a time capsule you left for yourself 12 years ago. When you plug it in all life’s questions will be answered………

    You should be able to find plenty of stuff to photograph on the beltline, I have ridden my motorcycle on it (imagine the looks I got) and there is some pretty interesting stuff around.

  2. Martha says:

    I figured I should pop in today to say Hello! and I’m still alive. Thanks for everyone that was checking in on me yesterday. While I’m going to live, I’ll be out of commission for a few days, I doubt I’ll be running the Summer Shade 5K tomorrow. My arm looks terrible but it’s my hip/lower back that is holding me back. The upside, I have a really great excuse to work from home. I really wish the video camera was rolling, I’d would have loved to see what I did.

    This weekend is the Grant Park Summer Shade Festival, if you’re in the area swing by and check it out. It’s probably my favorite Atlanta festival, it’s low key, in the park (i.e. shady) and always see tons of folks I know.

    I’m surprised you haven’t seen any of the Beltline yet. Then again I guess I’ve only seen a small part of it. When the weather cools down I would love to run and/or bike the whole thing.

  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Great to see you’re alive Martha. I read about your fall and was concerned. It is mostly my accident which has kept me from being on the BeltLine.

    I keep forgetting about Summer Shade. There is a band called Young Orchids that I want to see on Sunday afternoon. Maybe I will!

  4. Barb says:

    Allan is off on the Freedom Ride as of this morning, I will be single for the next 2 1/2 weeks. Getting all the crap together for this ride has been interesting, I just hope everyone has their bikes in decent condition, and their bodies too for that matter, so he doesn’t have to work too hard the whole time.
    They are riding to Ellijay today, I’m still wondering what the route is they are taking from Buckhead. No one I talked to last night seemed to know 😉

  5. Barb says:

    so, I just got a call from Allan, they had to ride to the World Congress Center for a stopby at some sort of fire convention that is going on. They may never get to Ellijay at this rate.

    and – I love that someone didn’t want to be mentioned in your blog, that is funny.

  6. Jenka says:

    Martha, I saw what you did: you went THUD when you hit the corner of the box. Ha! Glad you’re still alive.

    I’m planning to hit the Shade Festival probably tomorrow. I’m thinking late morning before it gets too hot. Sunday we’re busy all day doing other things.

  7. Martha says:

    I do remember a very loud THUD when my head hit the box, don’t remember much else. I’m pretty sure I scared the crap out of Clint. He seemed really worried, must by the cop in him.

    Of course you know what Jerry’s response was to this? He was excited that I still beat most of the guys even though I quit 3 minutes early. So caring!!

    I’m actually starting to feel much better, maybe I can run tomorrow? We’ll be heading over probably late morning as well, depends on how much Jerry runs after the race.

  8. Jenka says:

    Oh yeah, I was cursing your name that you quit at 18 minutes and STILL got 2 more rounds in than I did! I got the fewest rounds, but I had a smaller band for the pull-ups and everything else I did Rx.

  9. Martha says:

    You did great!

    I’ve seen your kip, you’ll be doing pull-ups on your own before you know it. Plus I know you are smart enough to not challenge gravity to a fight on a daily basis like I do, gravity always wins!!

  10. Speaking of gravity… that large lunch I ate isn’t helping my fight against it. A group of five went to BoBo Garden — a great place to get good Chinese food for a cheap price. Each lunch dish is $5.25, and it comes with rice and soup. It’s no Tasty China, but damn it’s good.

  11. Barb says:

    and where is BoBo Garden?

  12. Sorry, I should have thought to add that important information. 🙂

    BoBo Garden
    5181 Buford Hwy
    Doraville, GA, 30340

    View Larger Map

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