Turning Point

Mark yesterday in your calendars as a potential turning point in my life.

Top Chef: Texas Night!
Um, ITP-Reader Betsy if you’ve kicked off the cooking of ropa vieja and want to bring it over…. If not I plan to make a Publix run at lunch and will scrape up some vittles in order to prepare a great Top Chef worthy dinner. 😉

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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12 Responses to Turning Point

  1. bob says:

    Did you turn left or right? 🙂

  2. It’s as if I hit a check at a hash — my path can head in any direction. 😉

    Looks as if mail is clogged again. I did finally receive fifteen or so emails for yesterday’s blog comments at 1:20am. Good thing I’m a heavy sleeper at times.

  3. Barb says:

    new job offer?

    We had swordfish last night – a little too fishy of a fish for me. I don’t think I’d ever had swordfish before, or at least I don’t remember. I bought it pre-seasoned/frozen at Whole Foods with a ginger soy marinade. I’m trying to eat more fish.

  4. Nothing currently in the job hopper. Besides, I have three additional paid-days-off coming to me next year for being a fifteen-year employee. I *really* want to take those… 😉

    What I can say is that I’ve decided that I’m going to make some doctor appointments to check out the things that are wrong with me (more than the hip, could take a long time to “fix” me).

    I think I’ve only had swordfish once in my life and thought it was okay. I keep trying to eat more fish, but when push-comes-to-shove I don’t. And when I do, it seems to be fried.

    Speaking of fried fish…. WHAT A SEGUE! ….we’ve unfortunately found out that the Australian Bakery in East Atlanta Village will be losing its lease in December and closing. I don’t get to eat their delicious fish ‘n chips often enough because it seems that I’m rarely in the ‘hood when they are open, but I consider this to be a big loss for my neighborhood.

  5. Martha says:

    Swordfish is a pretty good fish choice, but I don’t like it. I find selecting/buying fish to be very difficult. It would be much easier if I didn’t care.

    I thought I was going to need to make a trip to the Doc in a Box, I developed some weird rash on my chest while we were in Indiana. It hurt! It seems to be clearing up now, I’ll give it another day and see what happens.

    You will start feeling much better once you check a few things off you to do list (like see the doctor), it may give you enough momentum to keep doing things.

  6. Steve says:

    See the doctor? Fix the house? Eat more fish? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH PAULIE?

    I would rather eat an average piece of fish than a good steak- weird, I know. That might be the attraction to sushi…

    Arrived home from Birmingham at 9:30 last night, after leaving about 6:30AM.. and because of a failed (brand new) card, get to go back and do it all again on Friday!! Yippee. Not.

    Jorges, anyone?


  7. Yesterday received a photo (circa 2001) of a much younger and thinner Paulie. I’ll post it tomorrow.

    Current-day me has major health issues, major house issues, major work issues, and a tendency to get depressed in part because of each.

  8. Lisa says:

    More good news… you’re coming to CCL in Dec, should be much fun!!

  9. bets says:

    paulie–regarding top chef-a-thon you let me know what you prefer. the ropa vieja is made but i’m not married to it if you want to grab publix vittles. or we could combine. your call. i also have some green beans we can roast with olive oil.

    congrats on your doctor decisions.

    love most fish but not a swordfish fan. anthony bourdain wrote once about how his fish vendor would never eat swordfish after he’d seen so many foot long parasites in the cleaning of them. That visual stuck with me. usually get the frozen farm raised tilapia and dover sole from trader joe’s.

  10. Tis true! I’ll be making a Raleigh run in mid-December and have officially requested a day off from work on December 19 to accommodate this trip. I’m looking forward to it!

    Okay Betsy, bring the ropa vieja tonight and I’ll promise a meal of spectacular proportions next week. As an added bonus I’ll pull a recipe from former-cheftestant Fabio’s eBook cookbook that I’ve purchased. Don’t bring any wine, I’ll supply all we need. 🙂

  11. Stacy Fox says:

    Okay, I finally looked up what “ropa vieja” is because I knew it just couldn’t be the literal translation. 😉 Nommy! I might have to try to make that sometime myself!

  12. Barb says:

    holy crap – just realized I never looked back here since I wrote something at 9am.
    I hate being this busy….. but it is 6:45,pm, I think I’ll call it a day.

    I wish I had some ropa vieja….. but it will most likely be turkey noodle soup for me.

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