I was hoping things would be “normal” today. But, my coding didn’t go as well as I hoped (surprise, surprise) and though I spent ample time in the office this weekend I am still behind the eight ball. So today won’t be the return to form I predicted, though I do have a thing or two to say.

Red Hare, Fiery Lips
Oh, you think I speak of a woman, do you?

On Saturday (after working a few hours) I joined ITP-Reader Barb and her husband Allan at Red Hare Brewing for a brewery “tour.” I’ve tasted Red Hare’s beers at Taco Mac and have liked it well enough. At the brewery I had two samples of the IPA and single samples of their brown and porter. Red Hare is currently not bottling, so if you want to consume their offerings you need to find a bar/restaurant which is serving it.

Post-brewery the three of us went to Tasty China. Woo Hoo! There we ordered up a mess of food included some dry-fried green beans and ordered I crispy beef. My first choice entrees was explained to be something with pig intestines. “Luckily” for me they were out of them, so I switched to the crispy beef.

I’m here to tell you that Tasty China makes for an excellent tasty breakfast on Sundays.

Sunday Alcohol Purchase FAIL
After working for a while on Sunday I decided to head home and make some dinner (I’m calling it a “Pilgrim’s Pie” and will describe this concoction tomorrow). Though I knew of a handful of places that I could stop for dinner ingredients, I wanted to try buying alcohol at the Kroger in Sage Hill Shopping Center on a Sunday. It was to be my first Sunday purchase since the law changed, and I was fairly certain that this Kroger was inside City of Atlanta limits and would be selling. I was wrong. The Blue Law still whacked me over the head, but by the time I found out that this Kroger was still part of the Prohibition Zone I had a basketful of groceries and no desire to stop elsewhere.

Good thing alcohol is always stocked at the ITP Estate. 😉

It’s Like I’m Listening To Myself
I’ve started listening to Roderick On The Line. I’ve always considered Merlin Mann a kindred soul, but listening to his conversations with John Roderick has convinced me of this.

RealiTV Update: The Amazing Race – Wait, What?!?!
For the uninitiated, Spoilers Follow and I it should be known that I never stick around for the “scenes from our next episode”. I was rather surprised to find out (by reading it on Facebook of all places) that this season of The Amazing Race ended at Turner Field. Doing a handy bit of Googling I found out that the race ended on July 10, 2011, which was a Sunday and my records indicate that I was at Public Enema’s house watching the Tour de France that day. DANGEN!


This opportunity will never happen for me again and I blew it. Oh well, this is probably the last season of The Amazing Race that I’ll be following anyway…

All I wanted was a Pepsi. (+1 to those of you who know of what I reference)

Let me tell you one thing for certain. If you and I are a team on The Amazing Race and I am forced to do the Road
Block which requires me to walk across two hi-rise buildings on a tight rope, be prepared to finish in fourth place.

Hey Marcus, enough with the football metaphors! We get it, you used to play in the NFL (and apparently retired before the Colts won the Super Bowl).

It appeared that Team WWJDude saved all of their blunders for one leg, which unfortunately for them was not the fourth non-elimination leg this season. Charlie Chaplin? Seriously? Yes, you were dressed like Charlie Chaplin, but don’t you think that’s a bit obvious and out of context?

I was so hoping one of the teams (Team B-Average Joe specifically) would accidentally book a plane ticket to Panama City, Florida instead of Panama City, Panama.

In last night’s episode we learn the valuable lesson the being first is not always the best place to be. Team WWJDude was the first to the penultimate pre-finale Road Block and went on their own wild goose chase costing them a place in the finale. Their blunder would not have been costly if the other teams’ cab drivers hadn’t collaborated to get the other three teams to the Pit Stop because only Team I’m Sorry, Who Are You? was the only team of those three to not also jump on “Balboa” being the clue.

So there you have it, three teams left:
Team I’m Sorry, Who Are You?
Team B-Average Joe
Team Super Bowl Shuffle

I wonder of Team Super Bowl Shuffle spent enough time in The ATL to have given them a local’s advantage.

I’m not sure that I should watch the finale, because if Team B-Average Joe wins I am likely to throw something through the television. And to think that had I known the race ended here I could have made certain she didn’t finish in first place. LOL.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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14 Responses to Mulligan

  1. Steve says:

    Haven’t all the teams with Georgia connections already been eliminated? That would be a serious home field advantage.

    Nothing much happening at the Day Spa this weekend- chores, a bike ride, delicious pork chops for dinner last night, and watched about half a football game Saturday, at least that was all that was enjoyable to watch for the Dawg fan I married.

    A big shout out to Martha for finishing the Pine Mountain 40 miler yesterday.


  2. Team Super Bowl Shuffle lives in Pine Mountain, the very place where ITP-Reader Martha ran forty miles this weekend. I bet that Team Sibling Rivalry (from Stone Mountain) were really kicking themselves when they found out where the final leg was to occur.

    I forgot to mention that incredible bowl game rematch happening in January — Florida v. Ohio State in the Gator Bowl. It’s the rematch of the 2007 BCS National Championship Game. Or, you could look at this game as the matchup between Urban Meyer’s past team v. Urban Meyer’s future team. Who says that College Football doesn’t have a sense of humor? 🙂

  3. Martha says:

    Thanks Steve, we just got back to Atlanta, reserving a second night at Mountain Top Inn was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Much smarter than signing up for Pine Mountain in the first place!

    Paulie, I don’t think Sunday sales start in City of Atlanta until Jan 1st. but I could be wrong about that. I guess the only place to have a drink on Sunday down at Pine Mountain is the hotel at Callaway Gardens. We were a little disappointed when we could have a beer with dinner but then again I might not have been able to drive back to the hotel if I had. Thankfully, I planned ahead and there were a few cold ones back at the room. I can also claim to be an expert at opening a beer bottle with a kitchen knife.

    I am scheduled to have the day off today but I’ve found out both of my coworkers are out as well, so I guess I’ll have to check in to take care of a few things but I’m praying I won’t have to go in…

  4. Stacy Fox says:

    I’m a Florida fan this weekend, yo! I reckon I should be an Ohio State fan (what with it being the time of year that you root for your conference and all)….but it’s always tough.

    I think you’ll definitely need to watch the finale with us then; so that if they do pull it off, we can tackle you and stop you from destroying your TV. We can do a lotto pick again for the team we’re rooting for…. because you know the fates would cast that team your way if we did. 😉

    I swear the typewriter challenge (whatever the short blip they showed of him, then the girl on the porch) must be at the Margaret Mitchell House. Which means it was literally *3 blocks* from me. Aarrrrrgh! I’m screaming too! How cool would it have been to, like, be someone on the street they had to ask a question of or something?

  5. Steve says:

    3 blocks?? Try right out my wondow at the moment!! Debbie gave me a ration of $hit about that… “you didn’t know they were shooting TAR right across the street??” I can only guess they had a bit of security, too.

  6. Barb says:

    well done Martha!

    Sorry Paulie – you read wrong, TAR ends at the Swan House (some mansion next to or part of the Atlanta History Center) in Buckhead. And – Allan was working that day, I told him I’m mad at him because he should have known, and I didn’t get a chance to go stalk Phil.

    I don’t think the Kroger at Sage Hill is actually in the city limits of Atlanta, it is in Dekalb if I remember correctly, and that county (like Cobb) hasn’t even voted yet. When I lived on University way back when, I was shocked I wasn’t in the City of Atlanta, the county line wasn’t even a quarter mile away. I think there is very little actual city (if any) that isn’t in Fulton county.

  7. Stacy Fox says:

    Martha, you’re right about January 1st. Paulie, I know Sandy Springs and Avondale Estates has sales now (maybe the two closest to you? I’m not sure) but ATL city limits has a month to go! The sad part is I won’t even be around to do the “yes! I can buy it today!” on the first day. However, I can see many a Cheddarhead attendee thinking: phew! If I don’t get enough today, I can pick some up on the way home….

  8. Stacy Fox says:

    Okay, Steve, where exactly do you work? I know you were in Midtown (peach tree on Peachtree!)…but where exactly are you? And do you ever take advantage of the food trucks that are there for lunchtime? I would totally be a food truck foodie but I’m always off in Norcross during the work week. Booooo! 🙁

  9. Steve says:

    The Fed at 10th and Peachtree.. the food trucks have moved up P’tree from the old Jocks and Jills front yard to the construction lot at 12th St. Every time I thought about eating there, it was always a big line, and I don’t do many lines.

  10. Martha says:

    I think about 10% of COA is in DeKalb, most of it down this way, including the ITP-Estate.

    A few years back the COA was talking about adding some sort of commuter tax, the people I worked with at Emory were all up in arms about it. I kept trying tell them that 1) if would be a tax on employers, not employees and 2) Emory is not in COA!!

    I hurt, everything hurts!! The worst is my right foot, it is just covered in blisters. One is at least as bad as the one I ran on for the 2008 ING half (remember Paulie) which also happens to be the last time I got a blister.

  11. Ha, I just realized that I have TAR recorded (and The Good Wife) recorded at work so I can watch the “next time” segment. I’ll probably be at the Yacht Club for the White Trash Gingerbread House (or whatever that’s called) so I don’t know my availability yet…

    To make life easier for myself I might just keep buying alcohol on Saturday. 😉

    Okay, back to work….

  12. Terri (SW) says:

    INSTITUTIONALIZED…I’m not crazy!…INSTITUTIONALIZED…You’re the one who’s crazy!

  13. I knew you’d come through, Terri.

    And you’re probably the only to whom I can suggest listening to the latest Coverville podcast 8-Pack of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”.

  14. Jenka says:

    We bought beer yesterday! We got it at Ale Yeah on Dekalb Ave (or, whatever that road is that’s parallel to DeKalb Ave. College Ave?) which was fairly packed with eager beer-buyers.

    Well done, Martha!

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