Fighting Disappointment

I have an extremely hectic twenty-four hours in my future. After work I’ll be headed down to Little Five Points, Variety Playhouse specifically, for the Chatham County Line show. After the show I’ll jump into the Jackmobile and see how far up I-85 I can push myself before stopping into a hotel for a few hours of sleep. After a shower and a couple of coffees I’ll be back on the road to Raleigh.

This weekend I plan to visit ITP-Readers Lisa and Randy, celebrate the birthday of one of their lads, and see Chatham County Line again — this time at the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw, NC before returning back home on Monday.

Look Ma! One Cavity!
Bummer. I have a cavity which has started forming under an existing filling. So as I start 2012 I’ll be returning to the dentist to take care of this unfortunate discovery.

Look Ma! It’s Irony!
To drown my escalating sorrows I headed over to Taco Mac after work. Wasn’t I surprised to see, out of the corner of my bad eyes, the very person with whom I though I would be hanging out with last night. She was seated at the table directly behind me so I didn’t get to see with whom she was spending the night. I couldn’t make this shit up…

Okay, more coding commences NOW!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to Fighting Disappointment

  1. Lisa says:

    YAY! Looking forward to your visit! We have a Packer shirt with your name on it for the game on Sunday!! Also we are really looking forward to the show on Sunday. Call us when you are on the road on Sat so we have an idea of your arrival time 🙂

  2. Barb says:

    I may need a Packers shirt for Cheddarhead this year, they way they are playing this year.

    I can’t believe that girl was at Taco Mac last night – how wild is that. I also can’t believe you didn’t at least look to see who she was with, I would have had to go look.

    I was almost awake this morning when my phone rang, my new friends (these guys are pretty funny) from a tree company called to tell me they had another load of mulch to dump. So, guess what I get to do Saturday? But – the yard will be less likely to be destroyed at Cheddarhead, I think that will be a first in a long time.

  3. I’m looking forward to the visit as well.

    I booked a hotel in Anderson, SC for tonight. If all goes to plan I’ll be leaving Anderson around 6:00am which should put me in Raleigh around 11:00am(?). I’ll call you along the way.

  4. Lisa says:

    Great! Cooper will be so excited that you will be in time for the Birthday Party!! What could you want to do more on a Saturday afternoon but chaperone a bunch of 5-6 y/o’s at the “ChipWrecked” movie! FYI they serve beer at this movie theater 🙂

  5. Stacy Fox says:

    I would have had to check to see who she was with, too. I’m going to guess that she completely forgot about potential plans with you though. If she were just blowing you off, my guess is she would have chosen a completely different location.

  6. Jenka says:

    Not only would I have looked at her, I would have looked pointedly at her *and* her companion and sized him/her up. That’ll teach HER.

  7. I believe that she lives in this area, and doubt that she knew that I’d be at Taco Mac one way or another.

    To give you all an indication how this impacts my life I was far more crestfallen at the discovery of a new cavity. 😉

  8. Steve says:

    I guess to be more upset about a cavity is progress… of a sort.

    Keep your eyes open for bambi as you drive north tonight. Hopefully, the rain will stay away.


  9. Randy says:

    Drive safe tonight. The boys are excited about your visit and we are definitely looking forward to the Chatham County Line concert – and there’s beer at the movie theater – Yay, Uncle Paulie should come visit more often!

  10. Steve says:

    Randy/Lisa, did Paulie get arrested in NC?

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