For the first time I am using WordPress’ “QuickPress” feature. It is almost fitting that I am doing so on what is to become my “old” iPad once Apple holds their big event today and presumably introduces iPad 3/HD.

Write Code, Not Blogs
Much like a house flipper of the early 2000s I have been tearing my code apart and reworking it. The “plumbing” code I am currently writing is elegant and intelligible, which satisfies the ever-living shit out of me. I can only hope that the “porcelain” portions are equally kind and work nicely with the newly-written plumbing. In theory, the fittings should all be in place and be able to accept/supply whatever fixtures I attach to them.

I worked until 10:30pm last night, wrote code for an hour upon returning home, and expect to do it all again today.

It still humors me that I love the plumbing aspect given how much the ITP Estate’s plumbing has haunted me.

About To Get Physical
Unlike physicals of the past this one concerns me. Sure the post-forty life of having a doctor probe parts of one’s body which should not be probed sucks, but today I’ll have to ask tough questions about my hip and about my genetic deficiencies. Wish me well.

Until tomorrow friends.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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8 Responses to QuickPress

  1. Steve says:

    Please listen to what the doctor has to say and follow the instructions given. My old chiro had a little sign at the reception desk that has always stayed with me “The 5 most dangerous words- Maybe it will go away”. Not a good treatment plan.

    Just to mess with the numbers, I voted as a Rebuplican yesterday for the looniest of the loonies, Ron Paul. Haven’t seen if the various Sunday sales referrenda passed. I saw where the SPLOST barely passed in Coweta.

    Barb, how’s the packing going? When do you fly out?

    Georges tonight!!


  2. Barb says:

    I like the loonie Ron Paul, he has like cult followers. He will never win, but I think he’d sure be an intereting match up for Obama.

    We leave friday about 5pm, packing is in the stage of lots & lots of things piled on the spare bed….. we have lots of stuff we are taking for the kids, a Lego fire station that is pretty darn big, and some other stuff. Putting it all inteh bags tomorrow night….. should be very interesting.

  3. John G. says:

    You glass is half full. Repeat that. Half full.

    – You got hit by a car. You survived it. You’re doing fine.
    – You have a good job, brick house, nice car, great bikes, cool camera, etc. Pay attention on your drive to/from work, not everybody has those things. 1% baby.
    – You’re in good/great shape. What are you like….55? Great shape. Enjoy it. 🙂
    – Cloudy days = softest light. Rain = no crowd at the zoo. Lemons = lemonade. ATL traffic = more podcast time (OK that one’s a stretch)
    – All things in moderation. Seek balance. Life is good.
    – Oh, and you have…great friends.

    You’re only promised today — make something out of it.

  4. I didn’t mean to sound dire this morning. Perhaps it was because I typing on my iPad? 🙂

    I’m trying to look at the brighter side of life (cue Monty Python song!). I’ll give a complete recap of this morning’s affairs tomorrow, but I’ll tease this with the results were good for me but not so much for my lawyer.

  5. Barb says:

    I bought Twizzlers at Walgreens today, I want to save them for my trip, but I really want some now.

  6. Steve says:

    Should have bought 2 bags.. so how long will you be gone?

  7. Ha, I should have dropped of the newly-opened bag that I brought into the office on Monday.

  8. Barb says:

    Steve – I know I should have bought a smaller pack for today. I may get some more tonight…….. I like them fresh, so I want to not open it until teh airplane.

    We will be gone from Friday 3/9 thru Sunday 3/18.
    I should have internet access, so I may harrass you from afar.

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