Another Quickie

While I have many good things to write about from this weekend I am getting set to make my return to ITP so I don’t have the time to put into a post today. Words (and perhaps photos) return tomorrow.

In the meanwhile I think that I’ll be taking a new route home today (passing up some US 64 goodness along the way even!) to satiate my explorer’s curiosity.

Until tomorrow.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Another Quickie

  1. Steve says:

    Glad you survived the weekend. Travel safe. You can still post a blog when you get home…

    I have no idea where the weekend went, and mine was 3 days long!! Friday, I was a slug, though I did help Debbie with barn-sitting chores. I did get my car fixed- 3 tires and new shocks on the back, oil change… $900 OUCH! I asked if I was high score for the day and the manager said “not even close- that prize would go to the dad whose daughter took a car to college and ran the life out of it in 16k miles- $4000.

    Saturday, I met with a couple of my Games crew to talk about a new steel hauling trailer we’re building. They live as far North of Atlanta as we live South, and then some.. exit 41 to exit 129!!! A nice ride as long as there isn’t traffic.

    Finally got on my bike for about 25 yesterday.. not riding regularly shows. Debbie’s nieces and kids came over to swim yesterday afternoon.. lots of kids, like a dozen or more. I lasted as long as I could, then retreated upstairs.

    And lastly, we thought we had found the owners of Brownie Ain’t Stayin’. A couple of young girls came over looking for their dog, but even our good sales job couldn’t convince them he belonged to them. Paulie, he’s still here and waiting on his forever home…

    I’ve been enjoying the online cycling coverage- the velodrome is one of those aspects of the Olympics that will never get great coverage in this country, so for all the bad pres NBC is picking up, I have to say they are providing me a great viewing opportunity.


  2. Martha says:

    Yep a fun weekend but far too short.

    Friends and I rode Covington Saturday, it started to sprinkle as we pulled into the parking lot, it didn’t get better. Around 25 miles, the skies opened up, it was pretty miserable. I missed a bad wreck by inches (if he had fallen to the right instead of the left, my day would have ended much different). Still all and all, I set a PR so it wasn’t all bad. We then went to our friends fancy, smancy house in Morningside for a cookout and a few beers.

    Sunday was a loop at Sweetwater, cleaning house and meeting up with Jerry’s brother and SIL who were in town for a commitment ceremony before heading to London. I also got the bike cleaned up and replaced the bar tape, Allan should be pleased.

    My back is killing me today, no idea what I’ve done. It was a little tight after the ride Saturday but man it’s bad today.

    So I’m ready to start looking for a new bike, any suggestions?

  3. Steve says:

    Oddly enough, I don’t follow bikes too much- if I did, I’d always have the fever, and never be happy with what I have. Just a couple of suggestions-

    – have a budget. If you don’t know what you want to spend, you can be “upsold” a whole lot easier. And make sure your budget includes pedals and a computer. I’m guessing your old bike is going to be in use on rainy days.

    – Don’t buy anything without riding it- and see if the shop will let you have the bike over a weekend, instead of just around the block. I think the Trek dealers will “rent” you a bike for the weekend and then deduct the rental off the price if you buy it. If you can’t have it for more than just a test ride, make sure you bring your own pedals and shoes. Take the saddle height measurement from your current bike. Also know what your current frame size is and if it’s right or too big or small.

    That’s my $.02

  4. Martha says:

    Thanks, yes the plan is for the old bike to be the trainer/rain bike. I’ll keep my garmin but I’ll need to get a new cadance sensor and pedals.

    I’m planning on spending around $2500, but telling them my budget is $2K.

    For better or worse, my options are a somewhat limited because of size (43cm/xs). I think a Cannondale might be out, I tried my SIL’s extra small, even with the seat all the way down the pedals were a stretch. My mountian bike is a Trek, so that might be a good place to start.

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