And Me Without 50¢

I jumped into the Jackmobile “late” today. I was decked out in “exercise” clothes so that I could go for a chilly, morning walk. Along the way I realized the my morning scheduled today was hectic, and then realized that the change I keep in my change drawer didn’t contain 50¢. Further complicating matters was the fact that I threw my wallet into the trunk, so there was no way to easily get a dollar out of it. DANGEN! So, I veered off course and took the Peachtree Street exit for GA400 before getting to the toll booths.

It’s been some time since I’ve taken the Peachtree Street exit and promptly screwed up, forcing me to weave my way around the Lenox mall area in order to get back onto Peachtree-Dunwoody. This second gaff of the morning caused me to fall further behind my morning schedule.

Today’s Personal Project
Get the things I will need this weekend in place.

Today’s Daily Challenge
Stand up and lift your heels ten times.

Raising and lowering your heels while your toes stay on the floor (an exercise also known as calf raises) helps strengthen and tone your calf muscles. Strong calf muscles make daily activities – like walking, running, and reaching for objects on tall shelves – much easier. Calf raises also improve your balance, which helps to prevent falls.

No Playing Around
With only three hours of sleep I was noticeably dragging by mid-afternoon. With the project testing not going well there was a likelihood of another long night. Around 6:00pm it was determined that we’d build our app this morning, so I was “free” to go.

The thought of going to the theater in the condition I was in at 6:00pm seemed like a bad one. So instead I headed over to Taco Mac with a coworker for a few beers and some nachos and cheese.

I returned home some time around 9:00pm. I think that I was asleep by 9:20pm.

ITP Flickr Pic
This is the first two volumes of “The Complete Peanuts” (ranging from 1950-1954. It is a rare physical media purchase and is one of the few actual Christmas gifts I will be receiving.
My New Quest
The rest of my “From Santa” money will be going into fixing up the ITP Estate in 2013.

An Appointment For Exercise
Because of my “late” sleeping, aforementioned tollbooth gaff, and the situation at work I decided to put off my not-so-daily walk until this afternoon.

I have placed an appointment for exercise at 4:00pm in my calendar. On the threat of firing will keep me from keeping this appointment today.

Meeting Dan The Man Tonight
In the tech podcast circles there are two big players (imho) Leo Laporte from TWiT and Dan Benjamin from 5by5.

On Twitter the other day I saw that Dan Benjamin is in Atlanta this week (probably visiting Mail Chimp — one of 5by5’s frequent sponsors) and is having a meetup tonight at the westside Octane Coffee.

I’ll be in attendance tonight, and may find ways to other drinking haunts tonight as well.

Another Busy Weekend Ahead
I’ll be in the office both days. Again.

In addition I need to completely understand the process of dissolving an LLC in Georgia so that I can execute that plan next week.

Stats & Goals
Current Mood – a bit panicked
Current Music – listening to this week’s Hypercritical podcast (after this one only three remain…)
Website Of The Day – While listening to a Grammar Girl podcast on my drive in this morning she referenced Pompous Words. I’ll be a bit of a pompous ass and wonder aloud if the “Last Update 01-Dec-12” means “December 1, 2012” (as I assume it to mean), or “December 12, 2001” (from the appearance of the HTML used to create the website).
Mode Of Transportation To Work – my car
Exercise (b)Log – nothing. again.
Morning Weigh-In – checking again on Monday

Foot Mileage – ~10.5 miles
Wheel Mileage – 0.0 miles
Pushups – 0
Situps – 0
Stairs – 0 flights

Days Of Bed-Making – 0

Vegetarian Meals – 9
Carnivorous Meals – 8
Pancakes Eaten – 0

Marta Rides To Work – 0
Bike Rides To Work – 0

December Goals
– lose five pounds
– walk/run no fewer that 100 miles
– read at least one book
– dissolve Sharpened Stone, LLC
– donate money to charities
– take care of myself first
– take care of my house second

2012 Goals [will be a little less fluid than last year]
– Get my weight under 200 pounds, or at least whittle myself back down to where wearing a 36″ pant size is comfortable
– Completely read ten books, audio books permissible
– Run Sharpened Stone as a real business
– Save $500 for the sole purpose of donating to charitable organizations of my choice
– Attend at least one professional photography workshop
– Ride in no fewer than five 50 mile or 50K bike rides
– Run in no fewer than one one 10K
– Submit at least one application under the name “Sharpened Stone” to Apple’s iOS store
– Restore the ITP Estate to a condition where it can be put up for sale at any time
– Buy a new iPhone (iPhone 5), a new iPad (iPad 3?), and MacBook Air [look, not all goals have to be altruistic]

The Unmeasurable
– Continue backing up all data, including the off-site storage
– Become a proficient and profitable programmer in Objective-C
– Do not create a solution for something which is not a problem
– Eat smaller portions
– Start, and continue, to make my own bread using my bread machine as well as using the technique outlined in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking
– Read and discard magazines during the month in which they arrive (even digitally)
– See more live concerts than I did in 2011
– Drive/Fly somewhere for a real vacation

Books I’ve Read/Heard In 2012

  1. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me — Mindy Kahling
  2. Flotsametrics and the Floating World: How One Man’s Obsession with Runaway Sneakers and Rubber Ducks Revolutionized Ocean Science — Curtis Ebbesmeyer
  3. God, No! — Penn Jillette
  4. The Elephant to Hollywood — Michael Caine
  5. Here Comes Trouble — Michael Moore
  6. How We Decide — Jonah Lehrer
  7. Steve Jobs — Walter Isaacson
  8. Death of a Salesman (Penguin Plays) — Arthur Miller
  9. Fahrenheit 451 — Ray Bradbury
  10. White Jacket Required — Jenna Weber

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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10 Responses to And Me Without 50¢

  1. Barb says:

    why why why why why don’t you have a cruise card (now called a Peach Pass)? I’ve still got one & I use 400 maybe twice a year. they don’t cost anything besides I think keeping a monimal balance on it.

  2. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Laziness, and the toll booth is about the only place other than the laundromat that I spend change.

  3. Martha says:

    Lazy?? It would take 5 minutes to set up, you’d probably save that much time each week.

    Here’s the link…

    Calf raises are fantastic, I do them often, I have really tight calves. I’ve been pretty lazy this week, a little yard work, a 30 minute run and a 30 minute bike ride. It’s been nice but I’m getting a little stir crazy, I’m feeling pretty great actually, no injuries other than a bad blister on my right foot. I’m going for one loop at Sweetwater tomorrow, I can’t wait.

  4. And that’s how lazy I am. Plus, I’d accumulate dimes and nickels if I had a Peach Pass (quarters could be used at the lavenderia — as long as I am going to the lavanderia).

  5. Barb says:

    okay -next question – don’t you use a credit/debit card for most of your purchases? I didn’t thnk you were a cash type of spender. I use cash a lot, so I have lots of change, but it goes into a big jar & eventually we spend that money on stupid stuff we shouldn’t spend money on.

  6. I use credit cards a lot, though I occasionally spend cash for smaller purchases. I hate carry change around with me, so I started putting the silver in the tray formerly used for ashes in cars, and leaving the pennies for others to use.

  7. Steve says:

    Not only would you save time, but you would save money!! Slowing down for the toll every day burns more gas than rolling right along, that’s for sure.

    I’ve already had a busy morning- took Farley back to the vet for a laser treatment. Broke up the poop in the big pasture (I was going to use drug or dragged but couldn’t figure out which , if either were correct).

    I was hoping it was going to warm up today, but it seems to be taking it’s sweet time. A ride this afternoon would be lovely.

    Tomorrow, A surpise birthday dinner for Farleys vet in Senoia. Sunday is the state championship cyclocross race in Macon. And Bob, just so you know, you have to have an annual license (but if you buy one now, it’s good for 2013).

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  8. bob says:

    Good to know Steve. I’m skipping the Macon race to go pre-ride the Snake Creek Gap time trial course. Looks like 17 miles of suffering, should be awesome!
    Now if I can only get my bike back from the shop so I don’t have to ride the Cannondale it will be a good day.

    And Paulie, I’ll pile on here too saying get a damn peach pass! Sitting in line to pay a toll during rush hour would make me want to eat my steering wheel 🙂

  9. Jenka says:

    Hmm. There doesn’t appear to be a website for the Website of the Day. In related news, I only do dates the logical way: day, month year. Today is 7 December 2012.

  10. Jenka, I need to hire you as a copy editor.

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