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I think we all should get used to sub-standard blog entries from now until January. Hell, I may surprise you now and again.

I worked both days this weekend, and woke up with work on the brain this morning at 4:30am. It’s now 7:40am and I am already knee-deep in problem solving.

What may come as a surprise to many, myself included, is that I am ready to buy myself a Christmas gift. Okay, that’s no stretch, but the fact that one of my gifts this year will be a gym membership might be. I’m thinking going with LA Fitness, yeah I know that they aren’t the greatest gym in the world, but if I can work out a reasonable price that will allow me to use any of their facilities then I will take the plunge. If I go through with this plan it will be the first time that I stepped into a “real” gym since getting held up at gunpoint in 2004. When the incident occurred I wondered why I was spending so much time “being healthy” when any asshat could end my life at a minute’s notice — so I stopped my daily workout routines.

Even more surprising? The rest of my Christmas gifts to myself will be health and house related.

What are you hoping to receive this year?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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  1. Barb says:

    I think LA Fitness is a good enough gym, hell, if you use it, it will be a great gym.
    With it so convienent to your offce, you should be able to get your moneys worth. I think it is a great idea.

    We got a new TV yesterday- some 55″ Sony with way too many bells & whistles, I have no idea what all this TV can do. It almost scares me. Allan’s parents decided we needed it, and who are we to say no.
    The 36″ way too heavy one is now in our bedroom, that TV is so huge on the top of the dresser, but where else can we put it? It still works perfectly.

    The Hyox Christmas party was excellent as usual, the secret location this year was Turner Field. We had a behind the scenes tour, and then dinner & drinks at the 755 Club. If I liked baseball and was rich as hell, I’d join the very small Suntrust Club, only 143 seats available, the first few rows right behind home plate, with a nice restaurant & lounge & of course any food & drinks you want.

  2. Stacy says:

    I’m a member at LA FItness and I have had nothing but good experiences with them. You should be able to get a great deal, I’d think. I’m in a no-contract one that I can use at any location, just have to cancel a month out if I want to cancel and I didn’t have any sort of signing fee (I remember waaaay back in the day Bally’s having that, a couple hundred dollars just as a membership fee. HA! Yeah, right!) And there are a LOT of locations. I think it’s a fantastic idea!

  3. Steve says:

    Back at it this morning- trying to pick up the pieces from a week away (even though I was keeping up with the problems remotely).

    Any gym membership you use is better than a membership you don’t. For years I was a member at Bally’s and only occasionally used it. I hate lifting weights, the Lifecycle was even less fun that the rollers and the running track was too small to be of any use. They did have a sauna, but eventually let it go downhill so it was no more than just a warm room.

    Saturday we ran around doing errands, I got a ride in on my trainer when some folks on FB sad there was rain on the radar. Sunday, Debbie’s cold was in full bloom, so I took care of her. We did make it out to the grocery, in preparation for a baking and candy making frenzy this week. Rode a Sufferfest session with a bonus 25 minutes on the end and I can really feel it today.

    I hope those that rode the Wheelhopper yesterday didn’t drown!


  4. Martha says:

    The gym is a great idea, what is your plan? Take classes? Lift weight? Use the treadmill? I find if I go to the gym without a plan, I just end up ‘wandering’ around and not getting much accomplished. We’ve been really happy with the gym in the Village, all the equipment is new, plently of free weights/machines, lots of classes and the locker rooms seem nice. Any further away and I wouldn’t go. Jerry’s started to take TRX classes, he’s really enjoying them.

    I’m not hoping for anything this year. I tried to convice Jerry that we didn’t need to exchange gifts…it just seems silly. If I want something, I just buy it.

    I finished a short run to the park and back before the rain really started to come down. I started baking yesterday but got bored/tired after the first batch of muffins so I took a nap. I was VERY lazy yesterday.

  5. My plan is to start lifting weights again, and if I can muster the bravado that I had years ago to start attending Spinning and aerobics classes.

  6. bob says:

    I am not a gym person, I have tried numerous times and just lose interest way too fast. I would rather be on my bike.

    Speaking of riding what a weekend! Did some hard training on Saturday getting ready for Snake Creek than laid wheelhopper on Sunday. Felt Saturdays ride on Sunday and REALLY feeling Sundays ride today. Sunday I clocked 22 miles.
    We had 10 hashers show up and all loved the trail (even after getting a little lost). Going to have to re do that trail in the summer.

  7. Steve says:

    How much swimming was involved? I saw that rain coming and hid!

  8. bob says:

    No swimming at all, the only water crossing we had was about 4 inches deep. The wooden bridges are another story……

    Barb, how much are the SunTrust club seats? I have always wondered.

  9. Barb says:

    Bob – a measley $150,000. I think he said that was for 2 seats, but it might jsut be for 1. I was at the back of the pack, so I’m not 100% sure.

    Wish we had felt like riding in the rain yesterday, but with Allan just getting over the flu & the “slight” hangovers from the night before, we decided watching football in the warm house sounded better.

  10. Barb says:

    and Paulie – just had my car towed over to Peach Auto, it decided it didn’t want to idle, it starts, but then dies. I think it realized it jsut turned 200,000 miles & felt it needed to have an issue. But – my defroster isnt’ working very well either, so now that will get fixed too.

  11. Jenka says:

    I have a friend who goes to LA Fitness and he really likes it. It’s got everything you need in a gym, plus the convenience of being able to go to any of their many locations. It would be great for you to start lifting weights! Let me know if you need any information/advice; I’ve gotten a couple friends started lifting with some technical help. After receiving what is basically personal training several times a week for almost 2 years now, I’m pretty knowledgeable.

  12. Be careful Jenka, I just may take you up on that technical help offer.

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