All I Want For Christmas

I used to have a photo of a cute young lady with short hair, serving a platter of pancakes. If I still had this image today I would have posted it here (even though I have no idea who the lady was). At that point I assume an audible “ugh” would have been emitted by you, accompanying a head shake of disapproval.


I had a nearly-wonderful weekend even though it included at least ten hours spent in the office.

On Friday evening I attended a shindig thrown by ITP-Reader Barb and her husband Allan. In attendance were ITP-Readers Bob and Laura, and ITP-Readers Steve and Debbie, amongst the many others. Steve was nattily attired in a tuxedo of all things! Well played, sir. I had a great time eating too much food and drinking too much wine.

On Saturday morning I drove up to the office stopping at Starbuck’s along the way. A jolly lass concocted a Ginger Bread latte for me and upsold me a pound of Christmas-blend coffee.

Saturday evening’s enjoyment was “A Christmas Carol” masterly performed at Atlanta’s Shakespeare Tavern. By the time I arrived (and I thought that I was early!) they theatre had sold out of Shepard’s Pie so I ordered a Cornish Pasty. I so wish that I appreciated Shakespeare’s works more so that I could attend more performances there.

I ended Saturday evening at The Shed, chatting up Mandy while I sat at an empty bar eating an apple cobbler while drinking red wine.

Yesterday saw my dine for breakfast at Einstein’s Bagels in Sandy Springs (or is that Dunwoody), well, I took the food to work as soon as a handful of loud children entered the establishment. After working I made one more visit to Taco Mac.

I may have to stop going to Taco Mac, not because I don’t like the place as much as I used to, but because I can no longer find beers that I want to drink that continue my pursuit of Brewniversity greatness. If I could only think of something else to do other than drink and eat after work…. 😉 Nope, I have not yet made it to LA Fitness. 🙁

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! Be safe.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to All I Want For Christmas

  1. Barb says:

    well – I’m at work this morning – so thought I’d check in.

    We have WAY TOO MANY leftovers still from friday night, I do love that all of my friends really do bring some food to share, but then I have to find places for all of it. It was fun friday night, not too big that I really feel like I didn’t talk to people, but I still feel like I run in circles.

    Saturday I had a friend & her hubby stop by in the afternoon on the roadtrip home to FL from TN. It was a nice couple hour break from driving for them, we served them up some lunch/snacks, had a beer & caught up.

    And – it was a Christmas miracle, Allan asked what I wanted for Christmas, I told him a certain pair of Merrell shoes, and he actually went to DSW at cumberland mall with me to get them (so that way I could try them on & be sure they were the ones I wanted)

  2. Nice!

    I was surprised that you and Allan weren’t there Saturday night, as for some reason I thought that you were going.

    Don’t forget Cheddarhead practice bowling on Wednesday night. 😀

  3. Steve says:

    A great time was had by the staff at JEFDSDR Friday night. Thanks Barb and Allan for hosting a very nice evening. And I’ll second the reminder of Cheddarhead practice Wednesday evening… Is 6PM too early? 6:30? Northeast Plaza on Booford Hwy- the alley inside the perimeter, about a mile north of N. Druid and Buford.

    Saturday we spend the day making candy and pies as Sunday was the Burns Christmas. We were presented with a mason jar containing the infamous “apple pie” hooch. We were told to let it “mellow” for a couple of weeks. Should be some good stuff!!!

    I’m also at work and accomplishing a lot. We’ll be dismissed after lunch, but as several departments aren’t working today, I’m getting a chance to make a few changes I would not normally do on a “work day”. Woot.

    A Merry Christmas to all and to all an ON ON!


  4. I can be there by 6:00, but if 6:30 works better for others I can be there at that time as well.

  5. Barb says:

    With it end of the year and a short 3 day shipping week – not sure what time I can get out of here Wed. But – if I can, I really do want to go practice my bowling.

    We decided to skip Christmas Carol this year, just been too busy & we’ve seen it probably 10 times, just decided to save the money.

    I’ve got the recipe for the apple pie ‘shine – so I’ve got a co-worker making it, I don’t know what recipes the same, but not sure why it would need to “mellow”.

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