Spring Broken

Whew, Friday. That means there is only one more day in my workweek after today. 🙁

Still stupidly busy, still loving Spring Break traffic (or lack thereof), still going to shortchange you on the blog. Sorry.

I did manage to get about ninety minutes of racquetball in (no wallets were stolen but both Hank and I looked every man in the locker room up and down to see if he had “criminal” in his eyes). After the workout we headed over to a very slow, and somewhat depressing Tilted Kilt where we had a couple of large beers and dinner while I reminisced about how I was disappointed that I never made to Max & Erma’s when it occupied that location.

I am stiff and sore all over, with the worst of the pain and suffering centering around my right shoulder and arm; no surprise there.

As I alluded to at the start I’ll be back in the office tomorrow, probably putting in a good four or five hours. I also need to find time to mow my yards (gee, I hope the lawnmower starts) and then clean up for my attendance at Theatrical Outfit tomorrow night.

Looking forward to mending fences on Sunday, and am glad I mean that in the literal sense and not the figurative one.

Of course my real weekend starts on Sunday night with the season premier of “Mad Men”. This is the final season and I am interested to see how they wrap this series up.

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6 Responses to Spring Broken

  1. Barb says:

    busy, busy, busy being back at work.
    I still need to talk to Steve abotu fencing…..

  2. Martha says:

    I skipped the gym today, figuring I might need to be rested for the two days of trail running (including Becky’s Bluff) coming my way. Just heard my running partner for tomorrow is sick…so…yeah.

    What’s the time frame for fence building tomorrow? Jerry and I have a to do list to get through but I’ll try to come down later if things are still happening.

  3. Steve says:

    This just happens to be my regular Friday off, so We have already started on the fence project. Most of the vertical boards have been pulled where necessary, and while I head to the Dr. for a followup in a few minutes, Debbie is heading to the feedstore to get a few posts we will need to replace.

    A run last night help start my weekend. They are working on a bridge a couple of miles away and while the official detour doesn’t come by the farm, I think a lot of folks are still using Gordon, as there seemed to be a bunch more traffic.

    I realized last night that the nails I had for the nail gun weren’t going to work for fencing, so off to the Lowes for a resupply. Then a little pizza and beer for dinner.

    Bob, whatever works for you- Saturday or Sunday. Looks like the bulk of ITP readers will be on Sunday, but we will still be working tomorrow. A 9AM start, or whenever y’all show up.

    Anyone want more info, ping me at 404-932-5085, or the personal email is jstevebrady@gmail.com


  4. Steve says:

    Martha, the Groves have indicated a noon arrival tomorrow. I’m sure we will be at it for a while. Come down anytime.

  5. Barb says:

    and- noon is a guestimate – hopefully Allan won’t have to sleep when he gets home.

  6. Another rough day in paradise. Things around me seem to be crumbling and I have a demo to give on Monday afternoon. Ugh.

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