Dr Blogging

Morning folks,

Today’s blog will be even less formal than the informal nature to which you have become accustom over time.

This morning I am blogging for the doctor’s (ENT) office near my office where I will have my throat examined. Havering never had tonsilitis as a child I put this up as the front-runner and look forward to the copious amounts of ice cream that I will be consuming in the near future.

See Me, Beer Me
Old me, circa 2004, would have been thrilled by the fact that tomorrow is the East Atlanta Beer Fest. Gone are the days that I volunteer/attend such events because I should no longer consume mass quantities of beer. Besides, I have the fond memories of attending the festival when it was small and held by the school, meeting Kitty Kitty Gang Bang (who as it turns out was the college roommate of a girl I dated all-to-briefly), hearing Atlanta alt-country band National Grain perform, and volunteering. And let’s not forget the year when I skipped the beer festival and held a barbecue for hashers who attended, some of whom slogged through mud that day. 😉

(this blog post is being interrupted by a request to fill out more paperwork)

(this blog post was interrupted by an early admittance to see the doctor and a trip to Target to get the prescription he gave me filled)

I have what is called “silent reflux” as determined after spraying shit down my nose then sticking a camera down my nose down into my throat. I’ll be taking medication for a while and have scheduled a follow-up appointment in six weeks.

Have a great weekend all!

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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4 Responses to Dr Blogging

  1. Barb says:

    silent reflux……… interesting

  2. Martha says:

    Silent reflux must be the new ‘go to’ diagnosis. One of my employees is suffering from vertigo and has been told it is due to silent reflux…I may have to look this up.

    So is it fatal? Are you going to make it?

    I seem to remember ‘some’ of that cookout…was that the time I got lost walking from EAV to your house? Then ate potato salad straight from the container? Ah, yes, classy!

    I haven’t been to EABF since they changed the date to be the same day as Twisted Ankle. Tomorrow is going to suck, I’ve ran about 15 miles all year. At least it will be unseasonably cool.

  3. Steve says:

    If you ain’t rubbing, you ain’t racing. This normally applies to competitors and not officials, but our judges car swapped paint with a TV motor on the way into town yesterday. Thank GOD he didn’t crash, as that would have bad on SO many levels.

    Other than that, a fairly boring stage. Today has 3 KOM’s and a mountaintop finish. A busy day to be a judge.


  4. I’m going to make it…. at least for now. Thankfully if this goes well I shan’t require surgery.

    Man, I had the last “diagnosis du jour” — shingles — as well! I’m such a medical hipster.

    Martha, we all have faith in your abilities!

    Steve, I know you are not driving the car so be as careful as you can. 🙂

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