Still No Mail


I returned home from doing laundry last night to find my mailbox flag still raised and inside the box was nothing more than the card I had left for the mailman for the second day in a row. What really scares me is that the postman has not stopped to drop the flag when I have had it raised the last two days, clearly there is something going on here. If the card left on Monday is legit then I have followed the procedure outlined and should be receiving my mail on a regular basis again.

Today I get to wait around East Atlanta so that I can go to the local post office and try and find out what the hell has happened to my mail; I almost wish that I could sit by the mailbox all day and have a discussion with the mailman. The best-case outcome will be getting a bundle of mail from the post office; the worst-case outcome will be contacting banks and credit bureaus to create fraud alerts.

Regardless of the outcome I will be getting to work late and having to stay late. I found out yesterday that I need to have an updated demo prepared for a trade show in Amsterdam (hey, why didn’t they ask me to go?) in mid-September.

Now That I Have A Shitload Of Lemons
The only solace I’ll seek from this mail fiasco is getting to eat breakfast at Homegrown this morning. I don’t get to eat at Homegrown often because on the weekends I rarely eat breakfast and on most weekdays I am in a hurry to escape the ‘hood before traffic becomes a predictable nightmare.

Tell you what, I’ll take a photo of my order and post in tomorrow’s blog.

ITP Flickr Pics
“Panorama In Bamberg, Germany” (Bamberg, Germany)
Panorama In Bamberg, Germany
At the top of a hill in Bamberg, Germany sits these churches whose names I did not record. I took this panorama using my iPhone.

“I Must Have Been Delirious” (Brussels, Belgium)
I Must Have Been Delirious
The Delirium Cafe in Brussels is world renown. I am told that the place is a madhouse at night, but when you visit on a Friday afternoon it’s quite peaceful and a great place to drink incredible beers. Is it sad that about half of my iPhone photo stream from the trip are photos of beers?

A Less Serious Failure
While my DVR says it recorded last Sunday’s Halt And Catch Fire it was nowhere to be found on the hard drive when I looked this morning. My immediate thought was to watch the episode streamed from AMC, but for some reason it wouldn’t play. Two dollars spent, I was able to stream the episode from Amazon this morning and I am fully ready for this Sunday’s finale.

Oh 1983, I remember you so fondly…

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Still No Mail

  1. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    One of the many differences between Europe and the US (East Atlanta): In Europe I would have walked to Homegrown and the post office even if I had a car available. In East Atlanta I never consider doing so.

  2. Steve says:

    I think your post”man” has tuned you out. Hopefully, the office can straighten this all out.

    As I figured out there would be drinking at my afternoon meetiing with Stone Mountain folks, I ran at lunch yesterday. If I had a locker assigned, I would make this a regular event, but the bank stopped assigning lockers and they are all “day use” now. I never figured out why. A good half hour run down 10th to the Beltline through the park over to Piedmont and back. Not bloody hot, which was lovely.

    Zillow has a strange opinion of JEFDSDR. Our listing price is 495 and Zillow thinks it’s worth 310!! WTF, O? Hard to find any comps, so I guess it throws his algorithm off. Hopefully folks won’t be put off by that.

    Bob/Laura, what time Saturday?? I assume at Ikea?


  3. Paulie [eatl/ga] says:

    Mail retrieved!

    And as an added bonus when I went home to remove the note I left in my mailbox I noticed that there was a slender package on my front doorstep that contained rhe gift cards that I ordered on Monday.

  4. Barb says:

    I think I missed something……
    “Bob/Laura, what time Saturday?? I assume at Ikea?”

    Glad you got your mail.

  5. Steve says:

    Sorry, there will be a transfusion of boxes from the recently moved to the hopefully soon to be moved. There has been social network communications, but I thought I’d use this medium.

  6. bob says:

    We got our change of address packages in the mail the other day, hopefully all our mail will soon follow. I have started changing my address on as much as I can think of, I’m sure I will miss something.

    The new house is shaping up and we now have a mountain of empty boxes in the living room. I’m happy to hand these off to you Steve, not sure what time though, I’ll have to check with the boss. We are doing Ikea in the morning so lets meet somewhere around there.

    Stay tuned for housewarming party invites, we are thinking end of August we should have the house in good enough shape for a party.

  7. Steve says:

    We’re there, and we’re there too!

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