Too Busy (Again)

A major bug caused by my Sunday rewrite has really gotten me behind the proverbial 8-ball.

Then at 4:15pm yesterday I was asked to deliver a test app well before (read “today”) I expected to do so.

And then after doing laundry last night I returned home to find that my internet connection is kaput. So much for being productive at home last night. A call to AT&T did nothing more than schedule a technician’s visit today “between 4 and 8 pm”, so I will have to leave the office early to make sure I am at home when the technician arrives.



Paulie [eatl/ga]

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7 Responses to Too Busy (Again)

  1. steve says:

    Sorry to hear you are flummoxed. It will get better.

    We did a drive by last night of the potential house to see how many streetlights were around and it looked pretty dark. Having gotten used to having stars, we don’t want to give them up.

    When I came home yesterday, the county had put up a message sign saying Gordon Rd (ours) would be closed next Wednesday from 4AM to midnight. Apparently “Walking Dead” is shooting down the street. Debbie is all excited she may be able to watch the goings on.

    I went for a short ride last night on my CX bike- something about that bike “feels” faster than my regular road bike… maybe it’s the tire noise. When I got back to the house, the ride wasn’t any different than my road bike, so it must be in my head!


  2. Martha says:

    The Escape is back on the road, seems like the throttle was gunked up, so he cleaned it and it seems to be working. However, if it acts up again, then I’ll need to replace the throttle.

    Ugh, AT&T…honestly, between them and Comcast it is a race to the bottom.

    I was trying to buy a new phone (yes, I finally got a smart phone), I was told I had a past due account on an old landline. I was stumped. Come to find out, it was for the internet we had at East Side, they never cancled the account and kept billing me. It took over an hour but I got it sorted.

    Speaking of new phone, I got my Amzon Fire phone Saturday, its kind of fun. I like the Firefly feature. I’m going to give myself a week or two to phase out the BB and be back down to one phone.

  3. Barb says:

    what is the firefly feature?

    I head that the iPhone 6 is coming out in about 2 weeks? I need a new phone, but not sure I want to mess with the brand new 6 & the price. Maybe the 5 will be discounted once the 6 comes out?

  4. martha says:

    Short version, it allows your phone to scan real world items to identify and/or store them for later use.

    For example, you have a business card, your phone ‘takes a picture’ and identifies the phone number, web address and email. Then you can call or email straight from that screen or store in your contacts for later use. I can also identify movies, tv shows and music.

  5. steve says:

    Wait, Barb, you have the inside skinny on Apple products? Paulie… how far the stockholders have fallen.

    Almost certainly the 5 would be discounted, but the 6 has to be successful first.

  6. Rumored September 9 Apple Event, traditionally this is to announce new iPhone.

    Expect at least one new size of iPhone 6, probably 4.7 inch diagonal screen.

    I’m speculating iPhone 5c is free, iPhone 5s is substantially discounted, and iPhone 6 is priced to make Apple a lot more money.

    Updated iPads will probably be announced in October.

  7. Barb says:

    Peach Auto is alive & well, CRV check engine light came on, can’t blame Allan for the gas cap after all, it was actually the temperature sensor that set it off. It is actually not that big of a deal, so they shut the light back off for me. If it keeps happening, then we can look into it a little deeper.

    I miht just get the 5C if it ends up being free, I don’t need all the bells & whistles for a bunch of money………

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