Guess Who Is Still Super Busy

Rough day at the 9-5 yesterday. Hoping for better today.

Happy Friday!?

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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5 Responses to Guess Who Is Still Super Busy

  1. I’ll take the friendly wager, Stacy.

  2. Barb says:

    I went bowling last night, subbed in a friends league. Those league people are way too serious, I like slower (more drinking than bowling) bowling……. but, it was fun. It was way up in Canton, so not sure when I will go again, but I had to pay $20 to be “sanctioned”, but that is good for a year or something. Not good scoring, but that isn’t shocking, 90, 126 & 117.

  3. steve says:

    We went to gathering for the Bear Creek fox hunt the new members cocktail reception. A little overwhelming but still a nice get together in a beautiful, for lack of a better term, mansion.
    now out running errands. Hope everyone has a great Weekend


  4. I have already cancelled my new iPhone 6 preorder because of AT&T’s $40 “One-Time Upgrade Fee”. I am considering buying off-contract.

    I think I am suffering from poison ivy. I go hashing ONE TIME… I even wore my obligatory tights, but I guess the ivy got through the tears, or perhaps was helped by the rain? Fuck.

  5. Barb says:

    hey – we are thinking about doing Pine Lake tomorrow, Lost Cause & Wise Cracker are the hares. Starts by Northlake Mall.

    and – I’m sure I’ll get poison ivy when I go hashing.

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