Crazy Little Thing Called Blogging

Oh hello. I am still alive and kicking, and currently doing so from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Friday was a bit of, how do you say, a cluster fuck. I arrived at work early but later than desired and scrambled to get something working before taking off for the airport. I was mostly successful, but apparently things have gone a bit pear-shaped since I left on Friday. There will be much work to do today, tomorrow, and Wednesday before returning to Atlanta.

Disregarding work the weekend was much fun. I arrived on Friday afternoon and hung with the Raleigh Royalty eating nachos at their home.

On Saturday we took the boys to the the art museum where they have a walking/jogging/cycling path think “Atlanta Beltline” and got a bit of exercise. (I took a photo but am unable to upload it to Flickr today for some reason.) After our walk we lunched at a small restaurant called Chubby Taco, and after that Lisa and the boys went to swimming practice. The birthday boy and I splintered off in search of a dart board and were stymied by the two places we tried — the first place no longer has dart boards, and while the second place had six, a city league tournament was just starting as we arrived. Dangen! The beers were good, however.

The grown ups, and I use that term loosely when speaking of myself, went out for wine and dinner on Saturday night. Our dinner destination was a place called Clockwork. When we arrived a 9:30pm the place was quiet, but in no more than thirty minutes a disco had erupted, including a DJ behind the bar spinning. If this weren’t surreal enough a limo pulled up out front and out jumped a dozen young women and guys sporting bunny ears, with their leader being a Bowie-esque 6’2″ (or so) cross-dressed man. It was, um, interesting.

Sunday was spent lounging about the house (me) and cleaning up for company (the rest) as we awaited the start of the Packers game. Fortunately the game was broadcast locally so we got to remain home and eat vegetarian chili dogs and fries as we watched the Packers pummel the Bears. Also fortunate for me was that I was once again spared watching the Jets lose to another NFC North team.

Last night was a fun night of pizza and Raleigh friends (hashers I’ve met a few times now) for the monthly “Pizza and Kids Get Together Night”. Seven adults, six children. Want to guess which one of these things was not like the others? 😉

I was going to find a library on campus from which to work today, but instead to a better offer to hang out at the house for a while working and then check into my hotel and head to my work function later this afternoon.

Until tomorrow.

Paulie [eatl/ga]

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3 Responses to Crazy Little Thing Called Blogging

  1. Barb says:

    Sounds like a good weekend.

    We blew off Pine Lake Saturday, started watching football & time got away from us. Ended up heading out to Kennesaw to do a hike, it was a very nice afternoon.

    Sunday was Wheelhopper, I wasn’t really in the mood after a long stretch of gravel by RR tracks & then a long power line cut, we got to Bolton Rd & we knew we could figure out how to get to the end (Red Brick Brewery). So we made a group decision & Slippery, Sharon & I made the trail a whole lot shorter.

  2. With the exception of work concerns I can’t immediately address it was a fun and relaxing weekend.

  3. Steve says:

    I have no problem with being a vegetarian, but veggy chili dogs are JUST WRONG!

    A fun weekend spent mostly with Debbie’s HS classmates. Friday evening had a classmate, her lovely daughter, lovely daughters lovely friend and a second classmate over for dinner. The second classmate and her husband have 800 head of cattle, so she brought the steaks, which I grilled. There was much wine and laughter and even some birthday cake for Debbie, as she turned 29 again.

    Saturday morning, we went to breakfast in beautiful Luthersville and they went down to ride and inspect the 800 head of cattle.

    I did chores and got a run in prior to the class reunion at the Irish pub in Senoia. More laughter and stories, nothing terribly embarrasing that I heard.

    Sunday, we heard the Debbie’s dad had gone back into the hospital with a little pneumonia, so we stopped in to check on him. He seemed fine and the doctor wasn’t convinced it pneumonia or something bronchial. Keeping him for a couple days.

    Today, I’m packing my office so they can put in new carpet tonight- yippee.


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